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Hello Friend! I hope you are reading this to pursue digital marketing as a career and think about what it is, the starting salary in digital marketing in India, and the scope in this field.

Digital Marketing is a type of marketing which is on a boom for the past couple of years, and it will continue to multiply in the coming years. As the name suggests, it is a way of advertising that is done on the internet. Furthermore, digital marketing is much cheaper than traditional marketing; thus, industries are shifting towards digital marketing. Therefore, we can see the impact as the opportunities in digital marketing has dramatically increased.

Now, you have a fair idea about digital marketing. However, we are going to learn more about what is internet marketing? Scope of internet marketing in India? And how to pursue a career in it?

What is internet marketing?

Let’s look at what marketing is before we learn about digital marketing. First, companies do marketing to promote and create awareness of the product, services, or goods. Thus, marketing is one of the primary elements of business management. In marketing, the companies can offer the product, service, or goods to the other business for better things or directly pitch to the consumers.

There are two ways of marketing. One is Traditional Marketing, and the other is Digital Marketing. As the name suggests, traditional means a form of marketing that reaches the end consumer through offline modes. Few Examples of offline methods are Billboards, newspapers, pamphlets, door-to-door marketing, live demos, and many more. Therefore, this type of marketing is costly, time-consuming, unable to reach the desired consumer, and has a very lengthy procedure. Therefore, many companies cannot afford this type of marketing.

In contrast, digital marketing means advertising your goods, products, and services online/internet. Few Examples of online modes are social media, Email, Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, and many more), Mobile marketing, etc. In comparison to traditional marketing, digital marketing is cheap, time-saving, reaches the desired audience/consumer/customer, and does not have a lengthy procedure. Therefore, it can be easily afforded by any business.

Internet marketing scope in India?

There has been a tremendous change in this field, thanks to the adaptation of technology by users in the past few years. Trillions and billions of people have moved towards the internet for many reasons like shopping, reading news, making friends online, sharing photos, storing data, reading books online, and many more. Therefore, more and more information is going digital, and so are the companies.

As technology is evolving daily, more and more people are getting access to the internet in some way or the other. In the current time internet has become a necessity than a need. Any firm that does not has an online presence is missing out on a significant future to grow. All the companies who want to make their presence and difference are going online; this includes the Indian market.

By this, there arises the question of what is the growth of internet marketing in India? And what types of digital marketing jobs salary will be?

Growth of internet marketing in India?

The major boom in this industry was seen in late 2019 when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, and companies adapted digital marketing for their survival. As a result, there was a very high spike in the jobs.

Because of this pandemic, the companies have understood the potential and reach of Digital Marketing. However, now they are spending lacks and lacks the money to hire digital marketing experts to make their presence on the internet. Accordingly, there is a massive growth of internet marketing in India too.

As per studies, it is said that internet marketing is one of the highest-paying professions in the world. So now, you must be thinking about what will be digital marketing salary for fresher? What will be the digital marketing average salary? What will be the digital marketing manager’s salary? and their roles?

Types of digital marketing jobs salary in India are?

Digital Marketing Fresher

Experience – 0 to 1 Year

Roles and Responsibilities –

  • Content Writing
  • Training on the latest tools and technologies
  • Creation of info-graphs and other materials
  • Social media handling
  • Competitor search & monitoring them and providing suggestions for improvement
  • Following and learning best practices in digital marketing
  • Creating marketing strategies
  • Managing the strategy on the different channels.

Digital Marketing Salary for fresher – 1,80,000/- (Starting) to 3,00,000/- (Highest) Lakhs Per Annum
Average salary – 2,40,000/- Lakhs Per Annum

Digital Marketing Executive/Specialist

Experience – 1 to 4 Years

Roles and Responsibilities –

  • Social Media Marketing – Organic and Paid
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Planning, organizing, and executing digital campaigns
  • Budget planning on the monthly and quarterly basis
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Analyzing the performance of marketing ads and their KPIs
  • Delegation of work to the team
  • Making reports based on analysis
  • A specialist must know everything but must be an expert in one field: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM) – Paid and Organic, Market Analytics, Content Writer, Mobile Marketing or Email Marketing.

Digital Marketing Salary for Executive/Specialist – 2,50,000/- to 6,00,000/- Lakhs Per Annum
Average Salary – 4,25,000/- Lakhs Per Annum

Digital Marketing Manager

Experience – 4 to 8 Years

Roles and Responsibilities –It depends from company to company regarding the DM Manager salary. For example, small companies/start-ups may only pay you 5 Lakhs per annum, whereas big companies/ marketing agencies can pay you very handsomely based on your knowledge.

  • Time Management
  • Expert in SEO, SEM, Content Writing, Email Production, Analytics, SMM – Paid and Organic.
  • Build, Plan, and executing marketing campaigns
  • Optimizing the paid campaigns for the best ROIs and KPIs
  • Well aware of the marketing trends and competitor’s strategies
  • Team training, motivating them to achieve goals and their management
  • Best use of technology and marketing practices for better results for an organization
  • Preparing and managing marketing budgets, monitor them, and provide suggestions for better results.

Digital Marketing Manager Salary – 5,00,000/- to 18,00,000/- Lakhs Per Annum
Average Salary – 11,50,000/- Lakhs Per Annum

There could be many more fields in Digital Marketing like many levels such as junior, senior executive, team leader, manager, and head. It all depends upon the level of experience and knowledge you possess.

If you want to work independently or don’t want a corporate culture, this field can also pay you handsomely.

You can work as a freelancer; you can be a blogger, you can be an influencer, an affiliate marketer, and many more, and their income is based on their work it could be as low as 5000 per month and can be as high as 1,00,000/ lakhs per month to the sky is the limit.

How to start your career in this occupation?

Many institutes say they are the best, but we can tell the best when we read their reviews or experience them. Therefore, after reading many reviews, websites and asking the students their views, we manage to make this list of the best digital marketing courses in Jaipur.


Digital Marketing is one of the most booming fields in the coming years and can be a good career option with handsome salaries to those who want to make their career in marketing.

I hope now you have a clear image of this field and its scope in the future. There are many excellent opportunities in this field; you need to grab the chance for the kick start. It’s never too late!

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