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Role Of Custom Printed Boxes In Success Of Any Brand

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Custom printed boxes are undoubtedly the king of the packaging industry. In no time they have become an ultimate necessity for every brand on the globe. If you are to survive and thrive as a brand in today’s competitive market, you ought to have a packaging of your own that reflects a specific character of your brand. It should carry your logo and your brand name along with your company’s specific graphics.

Simply put, customized packaging is the face of your brand. It is something with which your audience recognizes you in a sea of thousands of other brands selling similar products.

Today is the era of customization. Every brand is striving to provide its customers with a complete, comprehensive, and exciting retail experience. This cannot be done without exquisitely designed presentation boxes. It not only protects the product well but also makes it more presentable. If you are to stand out and be identified among a thousand other brands, you need to have personalized packaging for your product.

However, since packaging today dictates how your brand will perform in the market, it is really crucial that you choose your packaging partner very carefully. The custom printed boxes wholesale supplier can make or mar the performance of your brand. So, make a learned decision and do your research.

Here is how you can ensure that your custom packaging is up to the mark and can be used as an effective marketing tool.

Bring Some Novelty in Box Design

Box designing asks for a great deal of creativity. Uniqueness is the key to success in customized packaging. Even the simplest and the most common box designs can be made to look unique with some simple innovative changes. 

For example, you can go for the window cutting in your boxes. One or more windows cut out in various shapes and sizes can have many advantages. They help improve the display of the product. When the product is readily visible to the customer, he does not need to take it out of the box to have a clear look at it. Decision-making is thus made easier and quicker. Hence, a product packed in window boxes has more chances of sale than the one packed in a windowless box.

Besides, windows add to the protection of the product. This is because the instances of touching the product for examining are significantly reduced due to windows which make the product readily visible. 

Besides, other customization options in box design may include adding the hanging tabs. These tabs also help improve sales because the product can be hung at the most prominent place in the store. There are unlimited other options to make your box design look unique, alluring, and recognizable. It all depends upon your creativity and requirements.

Move a Step Ahead of Others and Go for Some ‘ Extras’

There are a number of options when it comes to adding a bit of extra luxury to your box and helping it shine out the rest. These additional options can help you beat the heat of competition amidst hundreds of other brands. Though they may cost you a bit extra, these options are certainly worth it. They provide your brand with an image of a premium brand.

For example, you can go for an embossed logo, a debossed logo done with raised ink, gold foiling, silver foiling, spot UV, and much more. To add to this there are a number of finishing options as well to make your packaging, and hence your brand, look elite. Get your boxes finished with any of the coatings of your choice like gloss finish, semi-gloss finish, aqueous coating, matte finish, rose gold, and many others.

Always Ask for a Mock Up

Almost every custom printed boxes wholesale manufacturer provides you with a complimentary digital sample. Whether it is a flat sample or a 3D sample, they do give you a mockup to help you finalize a box design with all the printed stuff shown on it. This helps you visualize the final appearance of the custom printed boxes with logo and all the printed text, graphics, and colors.

However, what a digital sample does not provide you is an idea about the quality of the final finishing and the material used by the company. Besides, you can not get a clear idea about the accuracy of size. These elements can be checked only with the help of a physical sample. So, it is highly advisable that you go for a physical sample to avoid embarrassment at later stages.

This can cost you a bit extra as most packaging companies charge for a physical sample, but even then, you should go for it as it can be really beneficial in the end.

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