Reasons Why You Need to Own a Seedbox

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Torrents are ideal if you are looking to download larger files quickly. However, torrenting comes with its risks. Torrenting is banned in many countries and if you are caught downloading copyrighted material you can face notices, fines, or worse.

Tracking is easy whole you torrent because your IP address is always visible to your ISP or anyone in the same swarm as you. Luckily, using a seedbox can save you from all these troubles.

A seedbox is a dedicated high-speed server meant exclusively for torrenting and has a public IP address. So, you and your torrenting activities are virtually untraceable. However, the advantages of using seedboxes for torrenting does not end there. Here are a few more benefits of seedboxes used for torrenting.


Exceptional Download and Upload Speeds

Using a seedbox means using the seedbox servers rather than the local servers. And the seedbox servers are of high capacity, meaning the download and upload speeds of torrents will increase immensely when you use a seedbox.

The top seedboxes should be able to handle 1TB of data and thus, when you are downloading or uploading files, it will be done in seconds.


Maintaining Ratio

If you are in some private tracker, you’ll know how difficult it is to maintain the ratio that they ask for. If you fail to maintain it, you’ll probably be kicked out of the group. Using a seedbox makes maintaining this ratio very easy. With great upload speeds, you’ll be able to upload as much you want or need and thus can maintain the ratio quite easily.



The internet is more of a public place where every activity of yours can be monitored. However, when it comes to torrenting, it’s better if you take the necessary action to protect your identity from being visible to others.

When you use a seedbox, you can easily maintain anonymity while torrenting. Seedboxes have public IP addresses and thus you and your torrenting activities are invisible. If someone tries to track you, they will get to the seedbox server address at most. So, you remain completely safe using a seedbox.


Managing Your ISP Limits

If your ISP sets limits on how much data you can download per month or restricts the speed of downloads when you reach a certain limit, using a seedbox is the best option. A seedbox offers unlimited downloads and uploads and when you use it for torrenting, you’ll be using the servers of the seedbox provider and not your ISP’s. So, there is no question of any limits on your downloads. You can enjoy as much download and upload you want using a good seedbox.



Quality seedbox providers will also provide you with a great amount of storage space where you can download and store your media files. So, you don’t even have to download the files to your PC before you can access them. A top seedbox also comes with media center apps through which you can enjoy the downloaded media right from the seedbox, without having to download them on your PC first.


These are the key benefits of using a seedbox for torrenting. As they are built exclusively for torrenting activities, you’ll get all the features needed for safe and secure torrenting with a seedbox.

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