Questions Necessary to Ask Related to Chimney Cleaning

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Chimney’s are an integral part of our lives and it is the reason due to which it is highly important to ensure that you have kept them clean. Sitting by the fireplace is certainly the most loved hobby of people during winters but most of the time they ignore the drawbacks of a chimney that hasn’t been cleaned for a long time. With numerous options of chimney cleaning services near me available in your area it is high time that you contact someone and get your chimney cleaning done right away. However, when you call the inspector you need to do a little research beforehand and get to know about that prospective details that you could ask them. To simplify your task this article is going to gather some of the most essential questions that you need to ask your chimney spring-cleaning inspector. 


Fireplace safety is a highly significant problem that has a direct impact on your home and the people living in it. Despite the fact that chimney scrubbing industry is unregulated there are numerous chimney scrubbing services that have the right experience as well as the right certification for this task. However, you could still find some business that operate without training and certifications. The major reason behind this is lack of regulation but to ensure you have got the right person inspecting and cleaning your chimney is by asking him the questions that we will be discussing here so that you know how knowledgeable the man is in his profession.

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Inquire about Training 

A chimney clear-out technician must have the training in its own area you cannot expect to have training in any kind unless the person is a direct employee of the government sector dealing with chimney washing and other such industry. It is vital to know that the inspector visiting your house is certified by Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). Moreover, most of the inspectors are also an active member of active in the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG). These inspectors are trained in these institutions thoroughly and they are adherent to a strict code of conduct of ethics and performance. You will notice a clear difference between the practices of a trained technician and a non-trained technician.  


Equipment they use for inspection and cleaning

For any skilled worker his tools are the best way to judge his expertise. The tools that are being used for chimney vacuuming make a clear diversity in the kind of service that is being provided to the customer. To achieve best results from chimney inspection and repair near me it is highly significant to ensure that you have got the best equipment available. Some of the most renowned and big companies possess some very efficient and effective tools that are used for chimney washing

You can even give a look to the bag of the inspector to know if he has the right equipment or not. Mostly Chimney inspectors bring along high tech cameras that give a clear view of everything inside the chimney flue. It is done to find out if there is any damage to your flue liner as it plays a significant role in keeping your home safe and sound. If there is even a minor crack in the flue liner then you need to know that you are in big trouble because your home will be exposed to all the hazardous home fires when you use the fireplace.


Flue liners are used in chimneys to ensure protection of combustible parts of the home from concentrated heat. This intense heat is caused by the blazes in the fireplace. Whenever there is a damage in the flue liner protection fails, and allow combustible materials to ignite. It is important to know that the fires that are ignited from failed chimney liner are highly intense and these fires get out of control so quickly that even the residents cannot get time to get to a safe place. Thus, whenever you are getting your chimney inspected, cleaned or repaired it is highly important to know the condition of your flue liner. 

Along with this there are numerous other tools such as rods and brushes that help to clean out the flammable creosote from the chimney. This could be another major safety issue that could lead to intensive fires. So if you are getting your chimney inspected it is important that you get to know the condition of creosote from the inspector and take immediate action if the quantity is at the higher side. 

Other equipment carried by the a certified and trained professional include vacuums that help to suck up all the dust and dirt from the chimney. Moreover, you will also find some specific brushes to ensure that every corner of the house is cleaned properly. 


Know about the insurance of their Chimney dusting business

When you are associated with a business it is important that you are fully insured. Whenever you call an inspector to inspect your house it is important that you ask for an insurance number or any insurance detail that will let you know about the business.  

Moreover, there is also a sense of security prevailing with the technicians who belong to a well-known and a professional company. Furthermore, you can also see cars or trucks whatever the mode of travelling they use to know about the business. You can even search the business online to know about the company history through its website. The technicians that visit your house also wear proper uniforms that tell us that they belong to a particular company. It is highly important know about the association of the technician to a particular company to ensure you are dealing with a legal company and you can hold someone responsible if the technician is an untrained and inexperienced person. 


The safety of your house is highly dependent upon the technician that you deal with. Thus, it is important that you don’t risk it in the hands of an unskilled professional. Take a bit of time to research online, contact the companies through call and find the right person for the right job. 



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