Pursue Your Career In Australia With Student Visa Subclass 500

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Australia is a land of possibilities for students across the globe. It’s a nation that has many educational benefits for national and international students. But also provides the students to work and live. Individuals or students who have decided to live, study and work within the Australian soil must apply for the Student Visa Subclass 500 with immediate effect. Doing so will enable them to live in the nation for 5-long years and help them complete their full-time course in their respective educational institute. 

With the Visa Subclass 500, students can participate within an eligible course of study, and can also include all their family members within their application. Apart from that, interested individuals can apply for the visa either in or outside Australia without any issues. The visa will also enable them to work 40-hours for every two weeks once their course begins. 

 The eligibility criteria of the Visa Subclass 500

Given below are the eligibility criteria of the Student Visa 500, which every student or candidate needs to follow without fail. Take a look!

·    The student has to be over 6-years of age.

·    He/she must have enough money for their stay within the nation.

·    Must provide evidence of their English language test.

·   Interested individuals or students provide a CoE or Confirmation of Enrolment. The CoE should be provided to a full-time course, which is registered under the Commonwealth Register of Institutes and Courses for Overseas Students.

·    Individuals have to meet all the character and health requirements.

·   Candidates bringing their family members to Australia must carry the OSHC or the Overseas Student Health Cover. The cover should be approved through an Australian health insurance provider.

·    Students who are 18 or older must carry adequate welfare arrangements while they are living within Australian soil.


The process of apply for the Student Visa Subclass 500

 Individuals who don’t require any extra knowledge when it comes to applying for the student subclass 500visa. By following several steps that are mentioned below, will make the entire process easier and simple. 

·   Interested candidates residing outside of Australia, must apply for the student subclass Visa 500 6-weeks before their course starts.

·  When a candidate is already in Australia must allow plenty of time before the current visa expires. It’s because one might require more time during any complication. 

·  When it comes to creating a Student Visa 500 Checklist, using the Document Checklist List will be a perfect idea. Individuals can use this tool and gather all the necessary information.

·   But make sure to carry the current list, as the checklist tool is said to update twice per year between March 31st and September 30th.

·  Whether an individual is out or inside of Australia, we request each of our clients to apply for a visa through the online platform.

·  All candidates are requested to go through all the Student Visa Subclass 500 Conditions and double-check all the documents before proceeding further. Not doing so will lead to unnecessary delays, and he/she might get their visa rejected. 

·  When applying for the student visa, he/she can make an account in Immi Account, where they can easily attach all the required documents. They can also pay for the visa application charges through it with no issues.

·  If he/she is stuck or cannot understanding something during the visa application process, get in touch with Migration Agent Adelaide will be a good idea. They will provide their guidance and assistant during the visa process to all international students. 


What is the cost and processing time of the Visa Subclass 500?

The cost for the Student visa 500 is around $620 for the actual applicant. When family members are coming along, an additional charge will be applied for each of them. 

To know more about the charges for the visa, individuals can use the pricing estimator tool. Doing so will enable them to make plans accordingly.

The processing time for the visa application might vary because it will depend on the type of sector one is applying to. When it comes to the higher education sector, 90% of the visa applications will get processed within 42 days and 75% within 29 days. Under the Vocational Education and Training Sector, 90% of the applications get processed within 77 days. Around 75% of them are processed within 43 days. 

 How will the immigration agents help?

The professional and reliable Immigration Agent Adelaide will help each of the students in various ways. The agents have access to more than 100 colleges and universities. They will help each of the students with the visa processing and provide background information about several courses and universities. The immigration agents have plenty of knowledge and experience within this particular area.

 They will make sure all the work is done without any delay or error. Candidates will not have any problem when they work with an immigration agent as they will handle half of the tasks for them. In case there is a change in decision, or one wants to change their course, the agents will take the responsibility to inform the Department of Home Affairs about it.

How to find the visa outcome?

 Individuals or students can easily find out their visa outcome when the agent will notify them about it through writing. The candidates will receive an expiry date of the visa, the visa conditions, and the grant number. We request each of the applicants to keep an extra copy of the visa grant when they reach Australia. 

 Doing so will help them during various situations. Also, when a visa application gets refused or rejected, he/she will be notified why it got rejected. It will also notify the students if the applicant has the right to review their decisions or not. But the applicable charges will not be refunded if the application gets rejected. 

 Ending Note

 Studying in a beautiful and unique nation like Australia is a life-changing opportunity for all individuals. It will not just provide them some of the best universities. But will also provide them various benefits within the areas of activities and work. With the Subclass 500 visa, interested students can fulfill their dream of studying in Australia and get to experience wonderful student life.

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