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project management
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Project management is the method of planning, organizing, and managing a set of separate functions or activities undertaken to achieve a single goal.  A project is a temporary and often one off undertaking undertaken to create a unique product or service from a variety of materials or resources.  A project also lofties the Projects Management as a professional discipline and often encompasses:

1 Creating the product or service- Think of a project as product development.  Critical to the understanding of this process are the tools that are used to visualize and document the process.  There are many written reports, graphs and other documents that are considered in defining the approach to an issue that has to be integrated into the work in order to predict how the product or process will behave after launch.  The project entity’s name may be part of the title and encompass the project.  The work effort may be split among several projects, each with its own persona. As on a PRINCE2 Training London course.

2 Planning and scheduling- Thinking of a project as a process is a typical way to view the project management process.  I find that most people who launch off on a project fail to take the time to anticipate and plan for the specific issues and work changes that they will encounter along the way.  They only walk before they run.

3 Advanced project management skills- Advanced project management skills are essential in the ability to make sure that the interrelated phases of the project or program have been successful so that the entire project meets all of the team’s expectations and goals.  Large and small teams are expected to work together as a mature and infusable team to make it through all of the work before it is rolled out across the organization.

4 Results-based management- Results-based management is a fancy name for making sure that you deliver the results that you need to meet your expectations.  Typically this involves the use of tests and assessments to provide the certification that the goals have been reached and thorough recommendations of how work needs to be organized to help ensure the success of the next phases necessary to be completed within a predefined time schedule.

Advanced Project Management Skills for small environments

When you think about your environment and the people with whom you are associated there are many other attributes that you may have that are directly related to advanced project management skills already possess:

The ability to effectively manage the project

The ability to meet tight timelines

The ability to get multiple stakeholders involved who have a stake in the project

 Factors such as the availability of sufficient funds and even proper funding for a project can be used in many ways to influence and influence people’s opinions concerning the time, place and methodology of an approach.

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