Professionals advice on how to plan and arrange spacing in the house

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A very important stage in the design of an individual house is the layout of the premises. Our team specializes in the design of living spaces and agrees that the internal microclimate, indoor lighting, wind protection, view through windows, brown roller blinds, convenient access from one room to another, the functionality of the building areas depend on the chosen layout of the premises and other important factors of life and comfort.


Residential house


When starting to plan a residential house, first of all, it is necessary to identify the main factors that determine the optimal functioning of the house and the quality of human life. In most cases, the main factors are the countries of the world (north, east, south, west), the prevailing wind directions, the entrance to the plot, the plot development area, the planned yard location and the views of the plot, city, river, forest, etc. ). But there may be more factors, such as a nearby noisy road, a tall neighbor’s house, hilly terrain, or other site-specific features that need to be properly assessed.


According to architect Marijus Surdokas, each plot is unique and exclusive, because each plot has a different set of factors that determine the quality of life. Typical room layout plans cannot be used to build an optimal house. It is not possible to have a typical plan that would suit all situations. After all, construction work costs exactly the same, either by building according to a typical or according to an individual plan.


Why live in an awkward house?


It is possible to live in a house that will suit the environment and satisfy all your desires, because it will be created according to you and your environment.


Correct position


The position of the plot and the house in relation to the countries of the world, at the same time, determine the lighting of the yard and the premises of the house. There will be shade on the north side of the house all year round, so living and sleeping rooms should be avoided in the north, it is not appropriate to make large windows and brow roller blinds would fit perfectly.


“It is important that as many windows of the house are oriented to the South. This position of the house will help reduce heating costs. In addition, windows must be extremely airtight, soundproof, and awnings or blinds must be installed above or on the windows with brown roller blinds. The house will be warm in winter and cool in summer, ”. In homes with bedrooms on the east side, waking up residents can enjoy the sunshine in the morning.


The main part – the living part of the house usually has to be on the south side of the house. The midday sun illuminates and warms the southern rooms, so it’s nice and good to spend time here all day. On weekdays, families spend most of their time together at the dinner table. “And what could be more pleasant than a wonderful sunset outside the window with brown roller blinds, when you discuss the day’s events with your family?”.


No less important factor than the position of the sun in the direction of the prevailing wind. The prevailing wind can be from anywhere in the world. Such winds can be strong or weak, cold or warm. If the wind is weak and blows from the south, it can be used for natural ventilation of the building. However, in many places in Lithuania, the prevailing wind blows from the west or north and is quite strong and cold. The house needs to be protected from such winds.


In the case of prevailing north winds, the shape of the house must be such that the wind “slips” through the roof of the building, or tree barriers must be formed in front of the building to hold the wind. “In order to properly control the wind, it is necessary to properly plant coniferous and deciduous tree compositions near the house. Coniferous trees need to cover the house from direct wind all year round. Deciduous trees are planted in such a way that in summer, by creating a barrier, indirect winds are directed at the building, and in winter when the leaves fall, the barriers are no longer suitable and cold, the indirect wind does not enter the building, ”says architect Andrej Pleškov.


The appearance of the garden


Deciduous trees come with leaves in summer and without leaves in winter. This property of deciduous trees can be exploited to solve the problems of overheating of rooms with glass facades. “During the summer, the leaves of the trees form an insurmountable barrier to the sun’s rays. In this way, not only glass showcases but also the external walls of the building are protected from excess heat, ”says architect Marijus Surdokas. During the winter, when the leaves of the trees fall, there is no longer a barrier to the sun’s rays, and the rooms are filled with pleasant solar heat and light.


One of the possible solutions for zoning the building and arranging the premises according to the position of the sun.


1. On the basement floor of the house it is possible to install technical premises (storage room, boiler room), sports room, sauna, and other premises that do not require large natural lighting. Plinth-floor rooms require lower heating costs during the winter because the temperature of the ground behind the wall is about 0 degrees, while at that time there are -20 degrees of cold outside the first-floor wall.


2. The ground floor, south side is the most convenient place to install a residential house

a space where the family spends most of their time. The southern sun pleasantly illuminates the premises. By installing a direct door from the living room (often called the living room) to the outside – you will connect the residential part of the building with the yard. The yard in this location will be lit by the sun at all times and protected from the north wind (which will be covered by the house) – so you will have a wonderful yard connected to the house.


3. On the north side of the first floor it is convenient to have a kitchen, entrance and connect it to the garage. For maximum quality effect, the main windows of this floor should be oriented to the west and east – leaving only small windows in the north.


4. On the second floor, bedrooms and children’s rooms are usually designed. The ideal volumetric solution for a building is when all the bedrooms and children’s rooms are on the south side of the building and the windows are facing east, south and west.


In the end


Most of the places that have natural sun and the spacing of the place are arrange correctly has no problem. You can even ruin the space with awful furniture but it is going to feel warm and welcome due to the spacing. Additionally, it is perfect to add correct curtains or blinds because it is one of the most important aspects of the interior. Feel free to check out for blinds specification and more.

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