PRINCE2 Project Management structured

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Project management is a discipline that uses a structured approach for monitoring, planning and control of a limited number of specific resources. Project management is used in all corporate entities. Large defining bodies and state bodies use project management. Individuals who have joined companies for the particular purpose of the  project management are called project management staff. As on a PRINCE2 Certification manchester course.

From the point of view of a project management staff, project work involves the management of human resources, financial resources, information resources, environmental resources and social resources. All this involves parameters that are specific to a project.

These resources are used in the good of the organization. Since all things cannot be controlled, project management has been used as a tool to define success and not just as a tool for improvement. This is one of the greatest challenges project management has to face.

Since every company has a specific structure, a specific framework around it, project management moves towards defining specific parameters that has been agreed to, by different levels of staff within the company. This framework would be easy to set up if there was no scope for acknowledgment of discipline. Even though very survey program directors used 60% of all resources, people not in charges of different departments were used in the upper levels of the company.

Project management tools are used primarily by Human Resource department.  Human resource departments are comprised of such departments as Recruitment, Development and Compensation.  Not many people know about the other functions of human resource departments. Daily, human resource department directs on individuals in their care. The employees of the human resource department are responsible for damage control procedures and direct reference to and collection of information against labor laws. Human ResourceSimilarly, the billing department uses weight for assessing the cost and safety of the newly invoice done by the company. BMW use the IT solutions and integrated system for the monitoring of the vehicle. KPMG use project management for financial bank guarantee and also for Sarbanes-Oxley.

The project management principles are not only named after project management technologies.  In fact, project management technologies are one of the main tools for project management.  Generating knowledge from past experience and influences are two abstract methods of project success.  Creating a vision is easiest at the beginning of a project.  Knowledge management refers to gathering all the knowledge resources available and implementing to it.  Project management gives away that knowledge by facilitating the project.  When project management is at its peak it ensures that a project is sustainable.

Project management helps in the different spheres of life. From the field of medicine to education and from military to public relations, the project management principles are helping in every sphere of life.  Everyday we witness many projects in different spheres of life. Success of a project depends on the many factors and negative indicators.  Though most of the leading business houses practice project management practices, this does not ensure sustainability.  The project alignment is key to sustainable projects.   A project has to be aligned with strategic goals and objectives of organizational noise.  Today, project management is well recognized as a premium activity.

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