PRINCE2 Project Management and an eye for detail

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 You might say I have a good eye for detail.  It’s been said that a lot of project managers cannot say what their prior projects were all about.  And yet somehow project management has always been considered one of the most important aspects of project management. As on a PRINCE2 Certification glasgow course.

What is project management?  It just so happens to be a focus of my work.  If I feel that one aspect of project management is missing in your organization, I would like to invite you to explore this area and see if we can do some work together to redefine the form that project management takes place in your organization.  I’ll be sitting down at a designated time in a week to explore things over the course of the next two to three days.  Please keep in mind that because this project is at norms ofrellability, there will be no expectations as to what I’ll discover so feel free to approach the project management issue with a open mind and watch as I explore something new all together.

From the people who I work with the activity of project management has a negative connotation.  I often ask the question: why are there so many projects in your organization in which the end result is the same?  If these problems are not coming at a high cost, it is my belief that the answer lies in the fact that most people who make their way through their organizations have very little idea about how projects tackle with the problems they tackle.  Instead, it comes down to what in my opinion is at the root: managers are the ones who are inserted into the process; the ones who must come to terms with the work they do.  So the issue is: Are you and your staff skilled at project management?

If you recognize that you may not have a clear-cut read on what project management involves, spend enough time with a proactive P-M consultant to scan many business departments in your organization including the people who you all deal with on a daily basis.  Look at the businesses that have a culture that approaches project management from a proactive, creative, idea-generating position and you’ll discover a manager who can easily lead the project and still keep his staff on task and productive.

The next up step is to discover who the project managers are in your organization.  It has been proven that salaries tend to be highest in organizations that have this honor.  Personally, I think that managers who are working on projects that are meaningful to an organization will be paid the most.  I believe that the key to success is to have high-quality managers working on projects in which they can engage their staff.

If you’ve ever worked with project management before you are likely W. WAY outside of the norm.  Considering this, it is possible to quit focusing on projects in the traditional ways and to stop spoon feeding information to those that you work with and can ask them to take on the responsibility of their content creation.  The result is that your organization will be populated with several more project management tools and approachable staff.  I have seen this happen when projects in a hospital environment are under way.  As the staff is asked to come up with the content, it opens the door for this new idea and allows everyone in the organization to play a part in its success.  It’s this type of open-door policy that I believe leads to success on the creation side.

On a more positive note, as many of you are now realizing with the advanced of this type of management in your organization, the opportunities exist to not only prosper in your available time frames; but also spend your time working on those things that were lost and never let rise up again by the need for project management.

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