Popular Online Bill Payment Apps in India

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Since the past few years there has been an emergence in online bill payment apps. Paying your bill online has a lot of advantages. It not only saves your time but also is convenient with a quick payment gateway. 

Payment Apps, also known as mobile wallets, are payment services that are governed by financial regulations and performed on a mobile device. The idea of paying with cash, check, debit, or credit card has recently become obsolete, especially post demonisation in 2016. The modern payment method of using a mobile wallet or mobile money transfer to pay for a purchase is gaining traction.

The idea of mobile payment is increasingly being embraced and adopted in a variety of forms around the world. The first patent, titled “Mobile Payment System,” was filed in the year 2000. The mobile payment mechanism is being used in some developed countries to provide financial services to those who are classified as underbanked or unbanked.

How do online bill payments through a mobile app work?

It’s important that you learn everything there is to know about how payment apps function. If you use a bank account or an in-app balance, most payment apps allow you to send and receive payments for free. You will have to pay a charge to submit or receive money if you use a credit card.

If you’re always rummaging through your bag for the right card to pay with, these applications will make shopping at the supermarket a lot easier. In most cases, payment apps allow you to connect your credit cards or bank accounts. Then, without getting your credit card, debit card, or checks on hand, you can make payments directly from the app.

You may be able to pay by tapping your phone at a point of sale rather than swiping a credit card, depending on the software you download and your phone. You may be able to pay for other payment apps or phones by showing a code that the cashier will check. Apps can also charge additional fees if you want to transfer money from your app account to your bank account. You may be limited on how much money you may submit every day, week, or month depending on the app.

Why should I consider paying through a payment app?

  • It is a lot easier: With a mobile bill payment app, you do not need to carry several credit cards or other payment methods around with you, you might store them all in a payment app.

  • Ensures secure payments: Along with the user-friendly interface, a payment app also ensures you don’t have to thinking about cancelling a bunch of cards when you lose your card.

  • No more standing in queues: A payment app reduces the hassle of standing in long queues to wait for your payment. With a digital interface, you are now the first in line! It also ensures quick processing of your bill payments for added convenience.

Some of the best bill payment apps in India include:

Paytm: Available for both android and IOS users. With Paytm app and Paytm wallet, you can easily pay your bills right from the comfort of your home. Paytm facilitates payment at home at ease with multiple payment options that include UPI, pre-saved wallet, credit and debit card, net banking, etc.

Google Pay: Available for both android and IOS users. Google Pay is a digital wallet and online payment system created by Google to power in-app, online, and in-person contactless transactions on mobile devices, allowing you to pay with your Android phones, tablets, or watches. Google Pay facilitates easy UPI payments for seamless transactions.

Bajaj Finserv: A leading NBFC, Bajaj Finserv now facilitates smooth and easy transactions with its mobile app. Now you pay your electricity, DTH, mobile recharge, FASTag, water bills and more with the Bajaj Finserv app. You also can pay your credit card bills, loan EMIs, and more with the app. Bajaj Finserv app facilitates payments through credit and debit card, UPI, Bajaj Pay wallet, net banking. Bajaj Finserv app is available with both android and IOS users.

PhonePe: PhonePe is a payments app that allows you to use BHIM UPI, your credit card and debit card or wallet to recharge your mobile phone, pay all your utility bills and make instant payments at your favourite offline and online stores. PhonePe is compatible with both IOS and android devices.

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The popularity of Payment apps for bill payments is growing every day. They are convenient and facilitate faster and smoother transactions. They have made paying your bills easier than before.


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