Planning To Change Your Tyre Size? Here’s What You Should Know

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Tyres of any vehicle are a big support system for any vehicle. We generally tend to ignore the importance of the tyres on a daily basis because we feel that they are meant to be sturdy and strong. Yes. That’s quite right to think on your part. But the real test of the tyres come when they are out on the roads supporting the vehicle.

The performance of your vehicle depends a lot on these circular moving machines. However, there are ways through which you can improve the performance of your ride. One such way is to change the size of your tyres. Let us first take a look at the advantages of tyre upsizing.

Merits Of Upsizing Your Tyres

  • Many people like to go for it, as they feel it enhances the performance of your vehicle. Well, there’s no doubt you get all these benefits when you change the size of your tyre. Some of the advantages are –
  • Upsizing lets you handle your car better. The cornering abilities of the vehicle also improve tremendously.
  • Tyre upsizing specifically helps in giving a larger footprint to off-road vehicles. This improves their grip remarkably.
  • Another most important reason why most people like to go for upsizing is the up-gradation in the visual appeal of the vehicle. Larger Goodyear tyres Coventry make your vehicle look attractive.
  • The tyres that come from the manufacturer’s side are decided upon after much research and development. Tyre size is also decided after they pass through various tests. So, they are always the best for your vehicle. However, if you still wish to change them, you need to follow some legal requirements for the same and you need to follow them scrupulously. Let’s check them out.

Rules And Regulations You Need To Follow For Tyre Upsizing

  • Always check the load holding capacity of the upsized tyre. This capacity of the new tyre should be at least equal to the old tyre fitted by the company. You can land in serious trouble if the capacity isn’t the same. For instance, if your tyres are not able to bear the weight of the car, they might burst as well.
  • Just like you’re checking the load holding capacity, you must evaluate the speed rating of the tyre as well. If this low, then you might not be able to drive the car freely. You’d need to restrain yourself to a particular speed. So, the speed rating of the new tyres must match with the old ones.
  • The replacement tyres shouldn’t make any contact with the body of the vehicle. Upsized tyres shouldn’t come in contact with the fender of the car. That means when you move your vehicle, the tyres shouldn’t rub against the body of the vehicle so that the movement of the vehicle is not restricted.
  • Check the width of the sidewall. The basic rule of upsizing is that if you increase the width of the tyre, then the sidewalls of the tyre must be decreased. When you opt for wider tyres, you need to decrease the profile of the tyre. So, you need to adjust this proportionality.
  • you need to recalibrate the speedometer as well. That’s because it was first configured taking into account the circumference of the Cheap tyres Coventry. Just make sure the circumference of the new tyre is the same as the old one.
  • Now that you know the rules, let’s know some cons as well. After all, it’s always good to know both sides of the coin.

Cons Of Upsizing

  • Larger wheels can be heavier and they might act as a dampener for the performance instead of improving it.
  • You might experience some kind of discomfort on the ride due to the increase in unsprung weight.
  • No matter what the case is, you must always take the advice of a professional before you take the plunge into it. Don’t be in a hurry.

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