Pirelli’s Elect P Zero Tyre – A Highly Advanced Tyre

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There have been many advancements in the tyre world. Technology has been taking giant strides, and that’s why we get tyres that provide us with the ultimate comfort level. Over a period of years, tyre manufacturers have successfully developed tyres which are excellent in braking and cornering. With numerous grooves and sipes embedded on them, tyres of today provide superb grip on the roads.

Tyre market is flooded with big brands which work tirelessly to churn out tyres with complete efficacy year after year. As we talk of brands, Pirelli is no exception here. Since the inception of this brand in 1872, Pirelli has been the first choice of many vehicle owners. Pirelli’s cutting-edge technology in making its tyres has taken the tyres a notch higher in the position. This time, Pirelli has designed tyres for electric cars.

The engineers of Pirelli have specifically designed these tyres to cater to the electric car industry’s demands. The Geneva Auto Show presented two electric cars, and the tyres for both the vehicles came from Pirelli. The company had specially designed tyres for these two models of cars. The demand developed both the tyres from the car manufacturers. Companies like Goodyear Tyres Birmingham and Continental are also working on the same lines. Let’s know more about these tyres in detail.

Features of P Zero Tyre

These tyres are designed so that they harmonize with the built and balance of the car. The company’s Research and Development teams have no doubt spent a lot of time constructing these types of tyres. Some of the observations are mentioned below.

  • If you fit regular tyres to the electric cars, then the output received from them is negligible. Moreover, lots of wear and tear occur in standard tyres, which can be quite expensive for you in the long run.
  • The torque in normal tyres is relatively high as compared to the internal combustion engine. This leads to very high acceleration which is not suitable for electric cars. The rubber compound used for these very soft. This gives the tyres the required grip on the roads. Pirelli has used the nano-composite compound. The sidewalls of these tyres are harder than the ones found in normal tyres. Since the battery weight is on the car’s floor, the sidewalls are hard enough to sustain the extra weight on the vehicle.
  • Another benefit of having these tyres is that they can add to the range of your driving considerably. Experts say that you can see a difference of five to ten per cent in this. Whereas, just the opposite happens with normal tyres. The range of driving is cut down in this case. Another challenge that the research team developed was to create a low noise tyre for these cars. Electric cars are said to be quieter than the rest of the motor vehicles.
  • Pirelli used its ‘Pirelli Noise Cancelling System’ to produce these tyres. This unique technique used by Pirelli gives you quieter and comfortable rides.
  • The P Zero Cheap Tyres Birmingham by Pirelli have been used as original equipment for some of the most sought-after and vigorous models in the car market.
  • If we talk of the tread pattern, the engineers have designed an asymmetric tread pattern. This has improved the braking performance of the tyre tremendously. It has also improved the handling and control of the vehicle.
  • When tested in wet conditions, it fared quite well. Despite being an electric car tyre, ti could handle the aquaplaning situation well.
  • Pirelli has worked industriously on the structural integrity of the tyre. This has enhanced the steering response of the tyre and uniformity in the tread wear.

Overall, the automotive industry’s future lies in the electric cars, and Pirelli has tapped this potential very well. These tyres have already become a rage in the tyre world.



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