Online Courses: Revolutionising The Education Sector During Lock down

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Online courses have paved the path to changes towards how education is seen in the Indian landscape. It has allowed education to continue forward for millions of students preparing for higher studies. After all, preparing for entrance tests like JEE and NEET in person is out of the question thanks to another wave of coronavirus. However, this has cemented how education will be conducted for the foreseeable future. Given that most of these competitive exams don’t usually see postponement in the face of a pandemic, coaching centres also have an advantage here. After all, anyone aspiring for exams like GATE could go for GATE online courses and prepare in their own time.


If anything can be learned from YouTube tutorials for maths and physics, it is this that education works more efficiently when students have ready-made content available regardless of location and time. This is the wonder of the new coaching system available for all aspirants. The Internet is not quite expensive nowadays and everyone has a smartphone to attend classes on. JEET and NEET are some of the top-level entrance exams for entering the medical field. These are also highly sought after by many aspiring students. Such exams require students to go through rigorous preparations to even be able to get beyond 70%. Of course, online coaching goes beyond studies and can even focus on personality with personality development courses online.


Reasons To Choose Online Courses

Initially making preparations for such exams would have been quite difficult at the risk of contracting corona virus. The availability of online coaching classes has made short work of that, however. Online classes are also not limited to simply recorded videos of mentors and tutors. There are even live classes available for better interaction and learning. Beyond that, there are still quite a few reasons why both students and parents prefer online classes for coaching, reasons such as:


Wide scope of subjects – Online coaching centres, in their race to capture the market, has been expanding their range of subjects. This means that students can access their subject of choice across different fields from the same coaching centre.

Saving on time – Online classes allow students to choose their own time when it is convenient to study with online coaching. They have the resources readily available online which they can access anytime they want. This is also a great way to revise just prior to exams when needing proper guidance or explanation. 


Flexibility – Unlike conventional coaching, online alternatives allow students to pick and choose the topics they want to subscribe to. This flexibility allows them to save money in the long term. It also means they can easily and readily focus on the subject they choose for their preparations.



What online coaching for government jobs or any other competitive exam provide over tutorials is a level of control for the students. There is the availability of one-to-one discussion with mentors with almost all subscriptions to online courses. This allows students to go back and revise lessons as needed and when they can afford the time. This is a welcome option for most students in India who have to struggle with timing among other academic activities. Online coaching classes have clearly changed the way preparations for education goes on. This can only go extend in innovative ways in the future.


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