Online Consultation by Fertility Experts at Mishka- the Best IVF center in Jaipur

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According to a survey taken by the United States, around 6% of married women suffer from infertility issues between the ages group of 15 to 44 years. And approximately 12% of the women face difficulties in getting pregnant and carrying the baby between the same age group. And that’s why females are now opting for various ways to treat their infertility by female fertility experts so that they can achieve a successful pregnancy and get the beautiful gift of motherhood

As the trend for online consultation for any medical illness is taking a drastic hype, Dr. Ruchi Bhandari at Mishka- the best IVF Center in Jaipur has also introduced Online Consultation services for any type of female infertility issues that you can take from any city, state, or country. 

Dr. Ruchi Bhandari- a well-known gynecologist and renowned infertility specialist, states that if a female is having issues related to pregnancy failures, it is imperative to find the real cause of the issues before it gets worse. As if not treated on time, those infertility causes can take home for a lifetime. If you are facing difficulty conceiving as a couple, then it is advised to consult the doctor immediately. 

Who to consult for infertility issues in Jaipur?

To eliminate infertility issues from your body, it is essential to consult an expert infertility doctor either online or offline. An infertility expert will examine your problem’s root cause and offer the ideal treatment for you. They are experts in determining the issue behind infertility as meticulously designed the best solution to treat your reason for pregnancy failures so that you can conceive in the future. 

If you are also looking for the best infertility specialist in Jaipur who can turn your infertility into fertility, then Dr. Ruchi Bhandari is the right match for your search. She is the head doctor at Mishka IVF- the best female infertility care center in Jaipur and is known for providing treatments with the highest success rates in Jaipur. 

Infertility treatments and services provided by Mishka IVF Center, Jaipur

1.Couple Therapies

In several cases, the reason for infertility occurred is due to the psychological factors between the couple. Sometimes lack of communication and personal grudges can affect the couple’s sexual performance up to an extent. And by proper guidance and consultation, the issues can be treated or seen for positive results. Therapies help couples to build their relationship again and to make their bond stronger. 

2.Medications & Drugs 

 Medication and fertility drugs are given to those females who suffer from minor infections and hormonal imbalance that prevents a female from getting pregnant. One of the fertility evaluations is done, and the exact cause of the issues is determined; doctors offer a set of fertility drugs that help a woman conceive. 

3.In-Vitro Fertilisation

One of the Assisted Reproductive Technology used to treat unknown causes of infertility is In-Vitro Fertilisation. In this treatment, the female’s eggs are taken out of the body and combined with the man’s sperm to take out the process of fertilization. Once the sperm fertilizes the eggs, an embryo is formed. The embryo developed in the laboratory is again placed in the female’s body.

The IVF treatments are proven to be the best option to get a successful pregnancy by several couples. 

4.Intrauterine Insemination

Another Assisted Reproductive Technology is known as Intrauterine Insemination. In IUI treatments, the man’s sperm is placed inside the female’s uterus very close to the eggs by using a unique thread-like needle made of glass. This process is done to quickly bring the eggs and the sperm close enough to carry out fertilization easily. After In-Vitro Fertilisation, IUI is considered the second-best option for infertile couples to get the good news.

IVF with an egg donor

Mishka IVF also offers treatments like IVF with egg donors to help couples get their dream of successful parenthood a reality. If a female cannot contribute to the IVF on her own, she can use another female’s egg to carry out In-Vitro Fertilisation. Mishka IVF helps all couples to get success in their infertility solutions. 

Consult Online With the Best IVF Specialist in Jaipur- Dr. Ruchi Bhandari

Online counseling by Dr. Ruchi Bhandari and his team

Dr. Ruchi Bhandari is putting advanced efforts in the medical field. That’s why she has introduced a unique feature online feature of online consultation for females looking for help and guidance over any fertility issues factors for pregnancy failures. She understood the fact that females are comparatively less expressive when it comes to sharing their personal matters with others. And that why she came up with online counseling sessions at Mishka IVF Center in which a female can ask any queries and discuss issues that she can’t share in live sessions.  

Dr. Ruchi provides these online sessions taken by Jaipur’s best gynecologist and female infertility health experts to offer the best guidance over any type of pregnancy issue and treatment to overcome those issues. 

Dr. Ruchi Bhandari at MISHKA IVF Center


Dr. Ruchi Bhandari is one of the leading gynecologists and IVF specialists in Jaipur. She leads a team of the best female fertility health specialist in Jaipur and offers the best treatments for female infertility issues in the whole city. After completing her MBBS in 2011 from Bharti Vidyapeeth University in Pune, she underwent various training and fellowships to gain expertise in female reproductive health and wellness issues. With experience of more than 6 years in the respective field, Dr. Ruchi has given any infertile female light of hope to live their life again. She has gained expertise in treating all aspects of female infertility issues like blocked fallopian tubes, low egg quality, and poor ovarian reserve.

How to apply for Online Private Counselling Session at Mishka IVF Center?

You can register for an online session with the city’s best fertility experts at the main website of Mishka IVF Center. After taking a few steps and giving some details, you can register for your online consultation session from any city, state, or country. You can set up the online counseling session time according to your time preference.

Various perks of Online Counselling 

  • The prescribed medicines given by doctors will be delivered to your home if required.

  • All your information and personal things will be kept confidential and not be shared with any other person.   

All you have to do is call Mishka IVF Jaipur at any given number and schedule an online meeting. 

  • +91 6378-288-606

After getting your details by online form filling, our representative will get in touch with you to share all other information and confirm your appointment with our preferred doctor. Once you approve the session’s time & date and payment, our representative will verify your online counseling session. 


Motherhood is the most precious gift for a woman, and Mishka IVF tries its best to make it happen. They try their 100% and put all their efforts to give a female the gift of motherhood in this lifetime. With online counseling sessions, you can also make your dream of getting successful motherhood a reality with the best infertility specialist at Mishka IVF- the best IVF Center in Jaipur. Book your online appointment with Dr. Ruchi Bhandari or visit the website to know more about infertility issues and how to overcome those issues with professional help and guidance.  

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