Nutcracker Sweet Shearable Gift Baskets

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A gift is anything that is given to your loved ones with an open heart without any greed of anything in return. Gift can be provided on special days such as birthdays, new year, festivals, etc. The reason for giving a gift is the happiness of a person to whom we are offering a sacrifice. We should try to gift a present which is remembered till years so if you are in search of a memorable, fantastic and amazing gift so you should check out Nutcracker Sweet.

Nutcracker Sweet presents you never forgotten gifts such as chocolates, gift baskets, sweets, candies, etc. These gifts can please younger as well as elders. Nutcrackers Sweets allows you to give a wonderful gift in a low budget. So, we have provided you with a list of presents which you can give to your loved ones.

1. Gold Standard:

This is one of the best shareable gift baskets which can be given to your beloved ones. It is primarily for sweet lovers. This gift basket includes boxes of Rogers and Lindt chocolates, Wildly Delicious Compote and Jam, Baguette Crisps and Brie Cheese, Cheddar Cheese Biscuits, Cookies and Biscotti and so much more. This gift basket with all of these things is in just $200.

2. Kosher Creation Medium:

This gift basket is one of the amazing gift baskets you can gift to anyone. This basket includes Godiva Chocolates and Ghirardelli, Toblerone, Walkers Shortbread, and many more irresistible kosher treats. Kosher is available in 3 sizes (small, medium, large). The price of the little basket is $50, whereas the medium basket is of $75 and the cost of a large basket is $100.

3. The Royalton:

It is one of the unique gift baskets from Nutcracker Sweets. It includes sweets from the worlds’ most luxurious Chocolatiers like Godiva, Lindt, Ferrero and Rogers chocolates. Gourmet items include Brie Brulée, Tuscan Crackers, Cranberry Port & Pecan Compote, among other indulgent snacks. You can buy this gift basket at just $250.

4. Goodies Galore:

This gift basket is as amazing as other gift baskets which offer you a tasty array of decadent goodies such as Lindt chocolates; Raspberry Matcha Tea-Infused Dark Chocolate Toffee Almonds, Ritter Sport chocolate, Maple & Sea Salt Caramel Popcorn and more in a low price. The price of this basket is just $50.

5. The Arlington:

This basket is wonderfully designed by Nutcracker Sweets, which is mainly for sweet lovers. This basket is filled with gourmet, and lovely items including Roasted Garlic Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Rosenborg Brie Cheese, Red Pepper Jelly, Godiva Chocolates, Black Cherry & Almond Biscotti, and so much more. Its price is $165.

6. Toulouse:

This gift basket is filled with gourmet sweets and savoury items like Godiva Dark Chocolate, Lindt Chocolate, Rosenborg Camembert Cheese, Olive Oil & Sea Salt Baguette Crisps, Red Pepper Jelly, and plenty more in just $100.

7. Tinsel Tower:

The Tinsel Tower is one of the delightful gift baskets of Nutcracker Sweets. You can gift the tinsel tower to your friends and family on Christmas. It includes three boxes in the shape of the building which is filled with raspberry pretzels, assorted chocolates, maple popcorn and more. The price of Tinsel Tower is $40.

8. In Good Company:

This gift basket is enormous with a large number of sweets, biscuits and wafers at a low price. It includes Lindt Chocolates, Cookie it Up Cookies, Baguette Crisps, Brie Cheese and much more. The cost of this basket is just $75.

9. Luscious Lindt:

This gift basket is especially for chocolate lovers. It includes several varieties of Chocolate confections with incredible flavours like Roasted Almond, Raspberry, and silky smooth Hazelnut Truffles. All of these things at just $115.

10. Glorious Godiva Basket Medium:

This gift basket is a pleasant gift for children or elders. It includes all sorts of chocolate featuring milk, dark, filled, nut covered and truffles. The price of a medium basket is $85. This basket is also available in small size and large size. The cost of a sizeable sized basket is $115.



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