New Terms And Conditions For Airtel Mobile Tower Installation.

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We all live in a world where internet connection is a must and if it gets hampered our lives stop running. So, the telecom companies put constant efforts to increase the internet connectivity to each and every corner of the world. They have even been successful in setting up towers in the most remote areas as well including the hills, mountains, islands, etc.

Many people have rented out their empty lands or roofs for installation towers and are earning a decent amount every month in the form of rent. So, if one wishes to rent out their land for tower installation they can also get in touch with the tower installation company and get the required information from them. There are certain new terms and conditions for Airtel Mobile Tower Installation which need to be fulfilled in order to get on your plot.

New Terms And Conditions For Airtel Mobile Tower Installations are:

  • Location Of The Tower- As per the guidelines towers shouldn’t be installed within a radius of 100m from hospitals and educational institutes. Tower installation companies should also avoid the erection of towers in residential areas. The first preference for tower installation is given to the towers in forest areas. While the second preference is to the towers that are away from the residential areas. The tower installation companies should avoid erecting towers in open spaces or parks.
  • Consent From The Authority- It is very much important for the landowner as well as the telecom company to get consent from the local municipality or concerned authorities. If the tower installation is being done in the areas where parks, hospitals, and schools are there within a radius of 100 m a letter of consent is a must from the designated authorities.
  • No Objection Certificate- An NOC letter is a must from the local civic body stating that the tower which is going to be installed on your land obeys all the rules and regulations for Mobile Tower Installation and does not harm any human living or dead. The area is a personal space and the owner to free to rent it out for any purpose and get a monthly rent from them.
  • Structural Safety Certificate- This is a must in cases when the tower installation is done within the boundary of the home or on the roof. This certificate states that the house is being built by keeping in mind the structural plans which ensure the safety of the house from all-natural calamities such as earthquakes and cyclones. The structural safety certificate also states that the house is made with proper materials and in the right proportion by keeping in mind the safety of the people in and around the house.
  • Indemnity Bond- An indemnity bond must be signed by both the property owner as well as the services provider in order to pay for the loss if any accidental damage happens to the property. This is a must for airtel tower installation as it protects both parties against any type of mishappening on the premises.
  • Area Required- Those who wish to get a tower installed on their land must have a free space in their land of up to  2,000 sq ft and for those opting to get a tower installed on there, the surface area must be 500 sq ft. to be eligible for tower installation.

So, if you plan to get a tower installed in your land or on your roof and have the desired surface company and register your land for the same. If your land meets all the requirements of the tower installation and follows all the rules and regulations, the process of tower installation starts in your land. This will fetch you a decent amount of money in the form of monthly rent.

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