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Thereare many departments working within an organisation depending upon the size and nature of business of the organisation. These departments have specific management staff and flow chart. There are top, middle and bottom management to full fill the health andsafety role and responsibilities. The top management is ultimately responsible and accountable for ensuring the compliance of Health and Safety. It is a joint venture where more than one organisation working on a same project. In a joint venture there areclient, contractor and subcontractors are working together and these organisation also responsible for their own staff’s health and safety as well as the client.

Directors’ Role and Responsibilities:

Effective health and safety performance comes from thetop, directors and managers have collective and individual responsibilities for health and safety, this also applies to small and medium sized organisations with owners of companies holding the responsibilities.

The benefits of having a formal/certified health and safety management system:

In the countries where there is no health and safety laws are available, organizations tend to emphasis the management of health and safety. With the absence of specific health and safety law in many countries, the emphasis in larger organizationsis the management of health and safety.Health and safety Management is the process of setting policy, organizing, controlling, monitoring and reviewing the efforts of the organizationtowards obtaining the health and safety standards (usually set within a plan, do, check, act cycle), and of using all other organizationalresources to achieve specifiedgoals stated as:


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