Nebosh IGC Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety

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UK LegislationThe base principle of the UK legal system is that responsibility for health and safety lies with those who own, manage and work in industrial and commercial businesses. The main legislation the allembracing health and safety at WorkAct 1974 (HASAWA)which is general legislation covering all work activities.Under the power of the Act, regulations areintroduced generally on specific subjects such as manual handing and use of hazardous substancesThe American Model In the US, the main legislation is the occupational safety and health Act(OSHA) which is prescriptive and is enforced by the occupational safety and health administration (OSHA) Example of these prescriptive standard include the fourteen elements of the OSHA Process safety management (PSM0) standard (29 CFR 1910.110):

Employee participation

Process safety information

Process hazards analysis

Operating procedures



Prestartup safety review

Mechanical integrity

Hot work permit

Management of change

Incident investigation

Emergence planning and response

Compliance audits

Trade secretsSafety practitioners working within the US or of US companies operating in other countries need to be aware of the relevant OSHA Codes.Other organizational that hasand involvement in global issue involving health and safety are:

The International Labour Organizational (ILO)

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO)The International Labour Organisational (ILO) Based in Geneva, Switzerland and affiliated to the United Nations (UN), the ILO, was founded in 1919 to pursue a vision that lasting peace can only be achieved if it is based on the decent treatment of working people.Its main aims are to advance opportunities for men and women to obtain decent and productive work conditions of freedom, equity, security and human dignity.The ILO is the global body responsible for drawing up and overseeing international labour standard on freedom of association, employment, and social policy, conditions of work, social security, industrial relations and labour administration, among others.These international labour standards, including stand.

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