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Beautiful Nazri Resort Goa Review

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While I have been coming to visit the island on a number of occasions, I was surprised by its sheer size, and had not really felt that the island was big enough to have a resort with so many amenities.


If I had to compare the resorts in terms of size and service quality, the resort with the higher quality service and options was Nazri Resort Goa , while the resort that offers a more relaxed vibe and a more affordable holiday option was Anantara Goa Resort & Spa.


Nazri resort had recently undergone a refurbishment, the facelift coming at a time when resorts such as the Anantara Mina Saigon are also offering a considerable facelift.

Beautiful Nazri Resort Goa Review


I would recommend that you stay at Nazri resort when looking to take a holiday on the southern part of India; the resort offers an easy access to the island and a much quieter atmosphere. The resort also has direct access to the beach and pools. The resort has four different facilities – the hotel, the island, the private beach and the sundeck.


The private beach of the resort offers clear views of the beach from within the resort. While I had earlier noticed that the private beach was a small, enclosed area that was separate from the resort, I decided to test the waters and found that this is not the case anymore.


The resort now offers a much larger and more accessible private beach of over 500 metres. The beach was not only accessible via the private road, but also from inside the resort. From the entrance of the resort, one can now access the private beach from two different points; one in front of the main resort building, and another in front of the dining area.


One can reach the beach from the front entrance by walking around the garden and the amphitheatre. The second approach from the dining area in front of the hotel overlooks the beach.


Within the beach area, one can also go down to the water through a narrow channel and watch the fishermen while taking a dip in the sea. However, the private beach is not a space that is available to the public.


Apart from the private beach, the resort has a large pool, three distinct pools – a main pool, a sunset pool and a beach pool. All pools have their own decor and theme; the sunset pool having shades of red while the sunset pool has an element of blue.


Once inside the beach, one has to go up a wooden stairway to reach the water. The large patio overlooking the beach area makes one feel like one is already taking a holiday in the country. While swimming is possible, I noticed that the waters were quite dirty and had a lot of debris floating in them.


I would not recommend swimming at the beach without first having a shower and going for a proper shower once back on the beach to clean the dirty water from your skin and body.


While there are three pools at the resort, the sunset pool has become my favourite pool. The sunset pool offers a much more relaxed atmosphere and a place that I could really enjoy lying back, soaking up the sun and taking a quiet moment to just relax and enjoy the scenery while the water gently laps against the shore.


The resort also has two different beaches. One beach is called Tocos and while there are less people swimming on it, the water is not really clear, and it is not suitable for swimming or for swimming in the evening.


While one has to walk around the hotel to reach the beach, I feel that one should just visit the resort and enjoy the waters without spending the extra time and energy to get to the private beach, which has many more families visiting the resort during the night and in the evening.


All the hotels around Goa have extensive gardens to offer; however, the resort has not taken up the task of developing its own gardens. The resort instead uses the gardens to offer an uninterrupted view of the northern part of Goa. While all hotels in Goa provide an amazing view of the popular tourist places, I feel that the resort tends to lose out in terms of providing an even better view and instead offers a highly photographed view of the landscape.


One would not have a clear view of the southern part of Goa and resort guests would not find the resort as an ideal place to relax. In addition to that, the resort does not offer anything close to its private beach and one would not find any areas such as a restaurant or lounge that could be converted into a resort-style area.


While it is more than welcome to have such gardens in the private areas of the resort, I feel that the resort should create an area that one can sit and enjoy the scenery and that can become an ideal part of the private beach and the resort.


The resort has a huge outdoor seating area, but the area is devoid of anything that one can actually go and enjoy for a longer period of time. With less than two hours of outdoor activities, one would tend to get bored rather quickly, especially when the outdoor areas in Goa are just as magnificent as the private beaches, but with more people and more facilities.


Finally, I would also like to mention that the resort cannot get too much attention from any celebrity because of the reputation that the resort has gained, but I would still like to take the time to praise the resort for everything that it has offered, and I would highly recommend the resort to anyone visiting Goa for the first time.


When I read that Goa’s northern beaches had just reopened, I had high hopes that the resort would offer a relaxing resort that offers a lot of activities that one can enjoy for their entire stay. As mentioned earlier, however, it had been a bit difficult to find a hotel that has a private beach and offers activities such as watersports or rides for people to enjoy.


I would definitely like to go back to the resort to find out if the resort does indeed have the private beaches, rides and activities that I had wished to enjoy while staying at the resort.


You could also find me at the resort once again. Although the resort does offer a relaxing and scenic beach, with so many other exciting activities to offer, I would be visiting the resort more often and finding more things that one could enjoy at the resort, which will take up all my time.




*Please note that my opinions on places and hotels are my own. Any form of review or other article that you read on my blog would be my personal opinion and hence, I would recommend that you visit the resort before reading my  Nazri Resort Goa Review.




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