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Many young couples face this question when expecting their first baby. After clarifying the basics in our previous post, we continue with the topic of buying the stroller.
Normally once they confirm that the baby is on the way, it is one of the first purchases we want to make and the wide existing offer only confuses us more and more.
To begin, say something that seems obvious but that many times we do not take into account when making a purchase. Perfect products do not exist, what do exist are needs and products that are better or worse suited to our needs. The job of marketing is to convince us that we need your cart and we as responsible consumers must discover what our real needs and conditions are.

To choose the best baby stroller for our situation, a number of important aspects must be taken into account.


Aluminum chassis, plastic parts, and synthetic fabrics are going to be common in 99% of baby stroller models. But within these similarities, there are many differences. The use of natural materials, such as wood and cotton, on the inside of the carrycot, is spreading. We can also observe great differences in the quality of the fabrics. Not to mention the wheels…. Check the finishes well, ask for information on the material and fabrics used. For example, in Roma Vita² Travel System, the inside of the carrycot, which is in contact with the baby’s sensitive skin, is always natural cotton with an Oeko Tex certificate.

The key to choosing well is in quality and for that, there are a series of regulations that must be met. Undoubtedly the origin is an important indication together with the company that manufactures it and the one that sells it


The dimensions and their adaptability are also important, especially if the people who are going to carry the cart are very different in height from each other. Height-adjustable handlebars are usually common, but it is also important to count the height at which the baby is since we will have to lift it and leave it many times, and if it is very low, as in many models, back problems will not take long. arriveThey also condition the measurements of our elevator or the capacity of the car boot. Even if we fall in love with a specific model but it does not fit in the elevator or in the car, it will not work for us. Take a good look at the dimensions of the enclosed chassis, or whether the wheels can be easily removed to further reduce the size.

The weight of the chassis combined with the different parts must be taken into account. It is not the same if we live in a flat without an elevator and every day we have to go up and down the stairs or if this aspect is not so important since we have an elevator. In this case, the maneuverability or easy driving of the cart becomes more important.

Fabrics and design

The color and fabrics. To taste the colors, but undoubtedly the choice of color is one of the most headaches that give us almost at the height of the baby’s name. It is not key but if we know the sex it will eliminate some options first, and if we think we will have another one later, it is also easy to opt for more neutral colors. We can always keep in mind that then there are a series of accessories (bags, gloves, bags, umbrellas …) that can combine with our stroller and turn it into a new one, and this with more neutral colors such as gray, black, white, brown … it will always be easier. However, the color is personal, and launching yourself with bright colors or more daring combinations can be very positive.

The quality of the fabrics does have a lot to do with it. We must also inform ourselves which parts of the stroller are removable and washable if they use eco-leather in the parts that get the dirtiest, such as the bottom of the stroller, to facilitate cleaning.


The last thing, although probably the most important thing when deciding on one model or another is the main use that we are going to give it and our space and mobility conditions.

Specific models
, such as classic, off-road, bike, running. In general, they are special models for a situation and are usually combined with some of the previous models for day-to-day. Do we live in the city or in the country? 
In a small apartment with no storage room or in a house without space problems? Do we walk to most places or do we constantly need to take the car or public transport?

Does our main leisure take place in the city or do we escape to nature whenever we can? If we answer these questions we can get an idea of ​​what is the main use that we are going to give it and what we need.
The options range from hard and small urban wheelchairs with the option of attaching a baby carrier and carrycot for those with purely urban needs and with the maximum need for space and lightness. Examples are Bee, Yoyo …
Hybrid models with a clear urban orientation with normally rigid wider wheels and some type of cushioning often incorporate versatile systems that go from carrycot to chair such as the Camaleón, Jane, etc. Versatile
models with off-road performance, with inflatable, lockable and cushioning wheels. Weights and dimensions very similar to the previous ones, usually have the three differentiated pieces.

The purchase

The price and where to buy it
It is an important determining factor although it is sometimes neglected since it is a gift. In general, we have already given you our opinion as parents some other time, since we see that the entire industry that surrounds the baby world has its prices many times oversized, taking advantage of the moment of joy and “all the best for my son”, and hiding sometimes in brands that hardly provide improvements or materials but good marketing.
In the end, the decision is personal and as in the colors everything is valid and the price is just one more factor. We have already written about this topic and the option to purchase online in this other entry.

Warranty and technical service

Before ordering, ask about the warranty conditions and the brand’s technical service. For example, many brands of baby carriages do not offer a guarantee for the wheels, considering that their failures are normal due to use. In some cases, there is no technical or spare parts service, only abroad, with the result that any incident is solved more slowly. If you order your stroller from a store outside the European Union, the warranty period may be shorter and the technical service may work differently.

Responsible consumption
Many times if we talk about responsible consumption we think of clothes, vegetables, and food in general, although we can be responsible consumers in other aspects. For many of us, controlled provenance is important, ensuring that fabrics are not sewn in workshops in Asia under inhumane conditions, but are instead manufactured in the European Union under its labor legislation. That the fabrics used have the European Union Oeko-Tex certificate, informing the user that the fabrics do not contain harmful chemical substances and that environmental laws are respected during their manufacture. We think it should be mandatory for baby carriages …Buying nearby we support several small family businesses, we reduce pollution by avoiding transcontinental transport.

we believe in the importance of being responsible consumers and the strollers we offer to comply with all these aspects. Controlled provenance is important to us: we annually visit the stroller factories in the European Union, we visit the sewing and assembly workshops, we maintain direct contact with the manufacturer. We do not follow the traditional sales model (Manufacturer – European distributor – national distributor – stores – consumer) but we offer our products directly from the factory. We make sure that the carts have the Oeko-Tex Certificate. And for us, local commerce is important, looking for suppliers in family businesses, having close contact with them.

As parents, we know how difficult it is to choose a baby strollerThe words they use in the stores, the concepts, knowing if it is suitable for your family or not… To help new parents, we have written a  HELP GUIDE TO CHOOSE THE BABY STROLLER.

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