Most Recommended Homemade Chocolates in India: Trip Chocolates

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Everyone loves things made at home whenever you’re living away from your place. Most people who are working out of their hometown or students studying away from home crave homemade stuff. Sweets and chocolates are food items that are mostly loved by everyone. And homemade sweets are rare to find, but not anymore. Jaipur based chocolate company Trip Chocolates is the most recommended homemade chocolates in India. Homemade chocolates made under this brand are totally eggless and have some unique flavours. 


Trip Chocolates is the best for homemade chocolates in India because they don’t use any machinery for making chocolates. Also, the brand believes in serving fresh and original products to its customers. These handmade chocolates are delicious and mouth-watering when it comes to taste. Moreover, Trip Chocolates wants to make regular homemade chocolate served as a brand in the country because these chocolates deserve the same place as others.


If you love chocolates and want to try something extraordinary then you should definitely try homemade chocolates in India by Trip Chocolates. In addition to this, this homemade chocolate company has given some unique names to their chocolates like Love is Love (Rainbow chocolate), Milky Goodness etc. 

Types of Homemade Chocolates in India

Chocolates are types of desserts that have many shapes and flavours. Seeds of cocoa trees have to go through many processes to forge a cocoa mass, which is further boiled to get cocoa liquor. Furthermore, liquor is refined into two portions: cocoa solids and cocoa butter.

At last, by adding cocoa solids, cocoa butter or vegetable oils and sugar in various ratios, we procure chocolate. Basically, there are four types of chocolate: Dark, White, Unsweetened and Milk. Also, they can be in form of slabs, chips, sauce etc.

Readymade chocolates are hugely available in every corner of the world and are sold widely. Also, it is prepped up with the confectionery items like caramel, nuts, wafers etc. But Trip Chocolates has taken a new step by opting for chocolates made with hands rather than using machinery. So, forget all the other in-store chocolates and try this new version of handmade chocolates in India.

How to Buy Chocolates Online India

If you’re confused about how to buy chocolate online or order in India then you should probably follow these steps: –

1.      Visit the official website

2.      Open the Shop page or click on “Chocolates” from the above menu or you can also click on the Best Seller Column to proceed further.

3.      Select the flavour you want to buy.

4.      Add it to your cart and click on checkout.

5.      Fill in the required details and click on confirm.

This is how to buy homemade chocolates online from the main website of Trip Chocolates. Also, you can connect with them directly by following their social media accounts. Also, if you’re from Jaipur, you can order these amazing chocolates from other food ordering platforms also. 

Best Homemade Chocolate Company

Homemade stuff is likely to be more healthy and fresh than that of the outside items. Sweets and chocolates are commonly used food items in families. That’s why chocolates made under Trip Chocolates are also known as “Modern Mithai”. Almost on all the occasions whether it is a wedding or a festival, sweets are being replaced by chocolates. Also, Trip Chocolates take orders from parties, baby showers, weddings etc and make customizations according to the customers. This company is the most recommended homemade chocolate brand in Jaipur as well as India.


A trip also means a journey or a tour to a place where you feel relax and have fun. Travelling is something that makes almost everyone happy. It’s a journey that has a lot of stories to share and Trip Chocolates wants to be a part of it. Chocolates are the essential part of any journey and what best if it’s handmade. 


Moreover, Trip Chocolates offers a fast delivery option where they ship our packages via air. In order to reach more customers and fulfil their requirement on time, the company have started this service. Reaching more and more customers day by day is the main focus of this brand. Homemade chocolates in India are found very easily but getting the same taste and texture is hard. Nevertheless, there are many options you can choose from Trip Chocolates, you can not only buy the chocolate bars but also go for the small chocolates.

Many people in our country are focusing on being fit and healthy, so chocolates also plays an active part in a balanced diet. It can reduce stress and make you feel free-minded. Trip Chocolates has kept these things in mind and made a Stress Buster Dark Chocolate that will release you from all the tensions.

Handmade chocolates are the best gifts that you can give to your loved ones on any occasion. The brand offers a wide range of chocolates along with customization according to the customer. You can tell them how to want your gift to look like and also the shapes of the chocolates. Customization is only available on request from the customer. Also, if you want to cancel any order you have to do it 24 hrs after placing the order. So, don’t think too much and try something new every day. It is healthy as well as the taste of the chocolates is divine. You will surely fall in love with Trip Chocolates once you have tried their homemade chocolates in India.

So, if you love homemade chocolates in India and want to buy some then you should surely visit their website. Also, you can make a purchase by contacting them on social media. They are very active and usually stay connected with you 24*7. Trip Chocolates have started a campaign by raising the bar of homemade chocolates and you need to help them. Hope this article has helped you but if you have any doubts or want to ask anything about the product, you can drop a mail at


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