Most Important Things You didn’t know about GST Registration Services:

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 About GST


GST is the most important tax because it applies to all goods and services. It is the process of collecting taxes on behalf of the administration. The government set up the GST as a single tax for the entire country. It is mandatory for all sellers to complete their GST registration for their business. By doing so, they can conduct online business while complying with tax regulations. Certain categories of goods and services are exempt from GST. GST registration services offered by the Govt. are free of cost and involve a stressful documentation process. However, we process the GST registration the new GST registration fee is charged from our side for completion of the process.



The GST Registration will give the subsequent advantages to a taxpayer:

  • If the Taxpayer provides goods or services, he or she will be legally recognized as a supplier.
  • In this situation, he would be authorized to collect taxes from his customers and provide credit for taxes paid on the goods and services supplied.
  • Taxes paid on his purchases or procurements may be used as input tax credits to pay taxes due on the supply of goods or services.

·    For any changes to your GST Registration Certificate such as changing your name, address, email address, or contact details, you must apply for GST Modification Request. GST alteration is divided into two parts: Core Fields and Non-Core Fields. Core Field changes need supporting credentials to be attached while applying. Non-Core Fields can be updated without presenting any evidence.

·         Every trader, company, business, individual, and professional whose annual turnover exceeds INR 40 Lakh must register for GST. If your sale is less than 40 Lakh, you may willingly opt for GST Registration in case you wish to avail the benefits of Input Tax Credit. All persons who make interstate purchases or sales of goods and services have to apply for GST registration.

·         The procedure of GST Registration in India is completely online. No manual intervention and no physical paper submissions are required for this; we just need to fill GST registration form. Goods & Service Tax is a combined tax, which basically means that State and Central Indirect taxes have been combined. The entire country now functions under a standardized tax system. It now replaces service tax, VAT, entertainment tax, luxury tax, CST etc.

·         The GST registration services take approx. 7 days’ time and you can also confirm your GST registration status while the process is going on.



Arvian Business solutions is a reputable business platform providing complete incorporation, compliance, advisory, and management consultancy services to clients. GST Registration in India is easy, budget-friendly and quick with Arvian Business Solutions! Apart from GST Registration, we also help you with free GST Advisory, GST registration status, GST Return filing, TDS Returns filing, Trademark Registration and a host of other services easily.





GST Registration Documents required are:

As of now, GST applicants seeking registration will be given the option of authenticating Aadhaar or opting for physical verification. The applicant will get his / her GST registration in just three days if he/she opts for Aadhaar authentication for GST registration.


1.      Passport Size Photo

2.      PAN Card & Aadhaar Card

3.      Company Name

4.      Email I’d & Mobile No

5.      Business Address

6.      Electricity Bill

7.      Rent Agreement/ Ownership Documents

8.      Nature of Business

9.      Products Category

GST registration is required if you fall in one of the below categories.

1.       Cumulative turnover: The supplier that is providing service valuing more than Rs 40 Lac in a year is needed to get a GST registration in India.

2.       Interstate Business: An individual should get GST registration if they are engaged in supplying goods from one state to another.

3.       E-Commerce Business: Any individual that supplies goods through the E-commerce platform should get the GST registration in India. To begin with an online business it is essential to have the GST registration done.

4.       Casual taxable persons: An individual person who is responsible for the supply of goods or services from a supermarket/store is required to get GST registration. Whatever the turnover is, the individual should apply for GST.

5.       Voluntary Registration: A person can obtain GST registration Voluntary.  Voluntary Registration can be given up by the applicant at any time.

There are 4 types of GST Registration

Normal Taxpayer

Those who are running a business in India are eligible for GST registration in this category. Registration for normal taxpayers does not require deposits, and the validity period is unlimited

Composition Taxpayer

The individual must enrol under the GST composition scheme in order to become a composition taxpayer. The composition scheme allows taxpayers to pay a flat GST rate. Input tax credits cannot be claimed by taxpayers electing to use the composition scheme.



Casual taxable person

Taxpayers who open a stall or a seasonal store should register as casual taxable persons. They must deposit a GST deposit equal to their GST liability. Ideally, their GST liability should match their registration period. An active registration lasts three months.

Non-resident Taxable Person

The people who reside outside India come in the category of non-resident taxable persons.

They must deposit a GST deposit equal to their GST liability. Ideally, their GST liability should match their registration period.




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