Most Flattering Bangs for Women With Round Faces

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Are you looking for a suitable hairstyle to flatter your round face shape? There are plenty of styling options for any face shape. Various haircuts can complement your facial features and make you look fabulous. Apart from hairstyles, hair bangs play a crucial role in making up your look when styling. Different hair bangs can make your facial features softer and appealing. 

For round face shapes, the main goal is to hide the round edges and make them look slimmer. So, look for bangs that include long or medium pieces at the sides. These long and medium pieces will hide the roundness and make your face appear slimmer. Anyway, here are flattering hair bangs that you can choose for your round face shape. These flattering bangs will move the focus away from your round face!

Parted Side Bangs

Asian Short Layered Haircut With Long Side Swept Bangs

Parted Side Bangs

Side bangs are considered the best for women with round faces. They are the most flattering bangs that soften the round edges around the cheeks. The side parting draws attention away from the round feature, while the angled side bangs create an oval appearance. With shoulder-length and short hairstyles, this haircut is gorgeous. Side bangs can flatter your round face with all types of hair length.

Wispy Bangs for Round Faces

Bangs for Round Face Shapes: 22 Flattering Haircuts

Wispy Bangs for Round Face Shapes

One of the best choices for a round face shape is a long wispy bang. This haircut makes your face appear thinner and prettier! Give your bangs a little bit of character by messing it up for a night out with your friends. This style is a fantastic solution to amplify the look for women with round faces.

Choppy Bangs

The 25 Chicest Hairstyles to Wear With Wispy Bangs in 2021 | Who What Wear

Choppy Bangs for Round Face 

The attention is all on choppy bangs! They are rich in movement and texture. The uneven, choppy cut helps to neutralize your round face. There is a way to make your choppy bangs even more flattering! Medium and long layers at the sides conceal the round edges giving you the ultimate haircut for your round face.

Korean Bangs: Bob Cut with Wispy Bangs

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Bob cut with Wispy Bangs

If you are a woman with a round face, there is one thing you should learn from Korean girls! Koreans are masters of wearing flattering short hair with bangs; they know how to make the best use of their bangs to conceal the round face shape. For instance, the given picture shows a Korean woman with a bob cut. The wispy bangs just brush over her eyebrows drawing attention to her eyes, and the rest of the hair is curled a little bit at the ends to cover the round edges. These give off a light and airy vibe.

Layered Medium Hair with Jagged Bangs

Pin on Hair Styles

Layered Medium Hair with Jagged Bangs

Layered hair-one of the best hairstyles is in this list of most flattering bangs for women with round faces. This style is on this list for a reason! The layered strands with jagged bangs guarantee a slim look. This is not only a flattering hairstyle for a round face; this is one of the best haircuts for medium hair.

Long Shaggy Bangs for Round Faces

50 Most Trendy and Flattering Bangs for Round Faces in 2021 - Hadviser

Long Shaggy Bangs for Round Face

Although there is a wide range of bangs for round faces, long shaggy bangs are currently the greatest trend! These messy bangs look especially good with a shaggy mid-length cut. This hairstyle emphasizes the lips while sparingly concealing your eyes. It’s critical to cover the ears for a tidy, clean, and slimmer look.

Curtain Bangs for Round Faces

Celebrities with Curtain Bangs | Bangs with medium hair, Trending haircuts,  Wedding hairstyles for medium hair

Curtain Bangs for Round Face

Here are the widely used and the most flattering bangs for women with round faces. From celebrities to common women, curtain bangs are the best friend; they are real if you want to look amazing! The combination of a round face with curtain bangs is ideal. Look at how the strands separated in the middle properly frame the face, making it appear longer and slimmer! Curtain bangs draw attention to the eyes, lengthening the face and hiding away the round edges.

Cropped Short Bangs 

Hairstyle Trends - 30 Great Ideas for Choppy Bangs (Photos Collection) in  2021 | Baby bangs long hair, Long hair styles, Bangs with medium hair

Short Cropped Bangs

Complementing your round face with this haircut is all about the illusion and making the best use of side strands. The short-cropped bangs leave about an inch of your forehead exposed; this might bring up questions like, how does it flatter a round face? Don’t worry like mentioned earlier; it is about the illusion. The exposed forehead makes your face appear longer and slimmer. Then make use of your side locks to cover the round face shape.

Wavy Hair with See-Through Bangs


Wavy Hair with See-Through Bangs

Long hair with bangs looks stunning when you have the strands wavy and soft. This haircut is perfect for framing your face and shifting the focus from your round face to wavy layers. The wispy-type see-through bangs combine seamlessly with wavy hair drawing all the attention.

Long Swoopy Bangs 

56 Fabulous Hairstyles For Women with Round Face Shape

Long Swoopy Bangs

Swoopy side bangs are the all-time iconic bangs for a round face shape. If you’re feeling joyful and want to add extra oomph, curl them outwards. These are the ideal bangs to bring a slimming effect on a round facial shape. The jagged texture of the angled bangs visually lengthens the face, achieving an oval appearance.

Middle Parted Bangs for Round Faces

50 Most Trendy and Flattering Bangs for Round Faces in 2021 - Hadviser

Middle Parted Bangs for Round Face

A center-parted hairstyle with wavy pieces is the best method to help you cover up your round face shape.  Long hair with bangs that are parted at the center achieves an oval appearance. The picture shows long hair with bangs, but this haircut is also flattering for short hair. So, don’t step back from trying this hairstyle on your short hair!


Long hair with bangs is an easy way to seem vibrant and youthful. At the same time, they assist you in creating the illusion of an oval shape. If you are wondering about flattering hairstyles for your round face shape, go for bangs! Hair bangs will help you achieve a soft-slim look!


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