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EBay Partner Network is one of the most underrated affiliate networks. Yet it is an excellent system for many sites to make money online, in this article you will find all the information you were looking for on eBay affiliation and how to use it to make money online.

We all know eBay, the most famous eCommerce in the world and perhaps the one that, , has most of all brought people closer to the world of online purchases, probably thanks to its partnership with  PayPal which included a guarantee on purchases and  insurance purchase protection.

I still remember my first approaches to the internet and the fantastic world of eBay, where you bought, sold and you could earn online: from products to guides, from PDFs to “Methods for” … on eBay you sell everything, and certainly this platform has made the fortune of many people …

Earning with eBay: it is possible to do so in many ways, by buying products and reselling them in your cities, opening a shop on eBay and selling everything we no longer use (a personal profile is also enough for that), some people make money with eBay by buying and reselling items (perhaps buying in stock and then retailing), but today I want to talk about the eBay Affiliate.

eBay Partner Network: the eBay Affiliate

It is probably the largest online affiliation, second only to  Amazon (for more information read Affiliations: How to Make Money Online with Amazon ), for the number of products that can be promoted using the eBay marketplace.

eBay Partner Network, the eBay affiliate program, offers you the opportunity to make money without having to sell or ship, but simply by referring buyers to eBay. All you need to earn your commissions is a blog, website, social network, or mobile app through which you can introduce eBay to buyers.

How does the eBay Partner Network work?

eBay, on its  official website, explains very well, in 4 steps, how this affiliation works :

  • Sign up on eBay Partner Network (ePN): Just click on the orange button you find in this article and enter Name, Surname, Email address, and Password;
  • Create your links using the tools provided by ePN to create affiliate links to eBay (you can create links to individual products, search results, categories, and much more);
  • Promote content with links by adding eBay Partner Network links to the pages of your blog or website, your YouTube channel, or your social networks (you can also integrate it within the Apps) to promote items on eBay
  • Earn by receiving a commission every time visitors click on your affiliate links and purchase on eBay

How to make money with the eBay Partner Network?

The affiliate earns a percentage (%) of eBay’s ” sales commission “.

A transaction is deemed eligible when an end-user makes a purchase within 24 hours of clicking on the user’s promotional content (i.e. affiliate link) for an item listed on eBay with the Buy It Now option, or when he makes a  bid in an online auction format listing within 24 hours of clicking on the affiliate link and wins the auction within  10 days (in the case of an online auction).

As eBay Partner Network explains in its TOS (Terms and Conditions / Terms of Service):

For certain items or categories, eBay Inc. does not earn any revenue or revenue of a minimal amount; in these cases, the User will not earn any revenue or will earn a minimum amount of revenue. These items and categories may include, without limitation, gift cards, items sold by charities, and special promotional offers.

Within the eBay affiliate network there is a convenient grid that shows the commissions divided by product category, for convenience we report it below:

EBay Partner Network Italy commissions

EBay Partner Network New / Reactivated Buyer Bonuses

As reported in the official eBay Affiliate table, for those users who register for the first time on eBay or who have not made purchases in the 12 months before clicking on the affiliate link and who make a first purchase or a purchase after 12 months of inactivity, the affiliate is awarded an additional bonus equal to 100% of the base earnings.

In addition to this Bonus, eBay also provides the  Double Commissions Bonus for the first 3 calendar months: from registration, for the first three calendar months (if you register on April 21st, the double commissions will end on June 30th, always referring to the calendar month and not to the registration date),  the eBay affiliation recognizes double commissions, which are applied to the User’s account the same time in which the earnings are accrued.

This bonus is indicated with the wording  Double commission bonus in the payment history of the User account and has a maximum monthly limit of  € 5,000 (five thousand euros/dollars / Canadian dollars/pounds) based on what is applied and depending on the currency of the account. user.

EBay Affiliate Payments: How Do They Work?

EBay Partner Network recently lowered the payment threshold for affiliates (aka Payout) to  € 10 (or 10 units of the local currency, as he wrote in a very recent email), this means that everyone can start earning faster all the time. inside the vast range of products and items on eBay and therefore promoted through affiliation.

eBay Partner Network pays all partners who have reached the payment threshold on the 22nd of each month (if the 22nd falls on a holiday, the payment is processed the day after the 22nd).

You can choose whether to receive commissions on  PayPal or by bank transfer.

EBay Partner Network Affiliate Tools

The tools available to those who work with eBay affiliation are many and very convenient:

  • Bookmarklet tool: allows you to create trackable links in the browser while browsing eBay or shopping (quick plugin)
  • Link Generator: This allows you to create links and hyperlinks to send traffic to eBay listings, search results, shops, and any pain within eBay
  • Smart Link: allows you to automate the creation of shareable links on eBay by adding a few lines of code to your site/blog
  • Creativity Builder: This allows you to choose from various promotional ads to attract more eBay visitors
  • Personalized banner: You can insert personalized banners by inserting adverts in real-time on eBay directly on your site, choosing from the available templates, or creating your own by filtering the adverts to be shown based on keywords, categories, sellers,….
  • RSS Feeds: You can create traceable RSS Feeds with dynamic content thus providing real-time information on advertisements to your users
  • API: The ePN APIs allow you to have tools and services that meet the needs  of over 200 million online buyers, using them you can interface with eBay’s Web services
  • Promotions and Sales: through this portal, you can quickly find the bargains, events and the best eBay deals to promote on your site

eBay Smart Share

One of the latest solutions designed by eBay for partners who use affiliation is  Smart Share, an extension for Google Chrome that allows you to quickly promote items by generating links from any eBay page without the need to connect to the eBay affiliate panel (i.e. the EPN portal, eBay Partner Network).

From the eBay window, you can in a few steps create custom tracking links to each eBay page and associate them with your campaigns, sharing or copying them.

This is one of the features of  EPN Smart Suite and adds a simple button to the Chrome bar that allows you to create custom links. These tools should help you:

  • Increase your earnings through increased link sharing and the ability to quickly link to any page
  • Harness the power of social media: with one click you can promote ads, offers, categories, brands, or more on Facebook or Pinterest
  • Quickly manage campaigns

eBay Smart Share can be downloaded directly from the Google Chrome Store. Furthermore, with the latest update of  November 2021, you will be able to quickly see which are the commissionable offers (currently the function is available on the eBay page not to be missed in the United States and Canada through the Deal Flag function that you find in the extension settings).

News Affiliation ePN (eBay Partner Network):

  • eBay Partner Network approves the use of link abbreviation services (URL Shortener) such as Bitly, Google, Ow.ly, Buff.ly, recommended for the promotion of eBay products on social media ;
  • Attention to the use of middle server services and  URL cloaking: according to the EPA TOS the user must not direct traffic to the middle server to mask the source of origin of the traffic and not where to insert links or promotional content on topics deemed not relevant. governs with the IP TOS 

Are you already using the eBay Partner Network? 

Good work and good money online,

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