Top Ten differences between Microwave vs OTG

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On account of technological advancement, appliances are in place to take care of all work carried out in a cooking area.

Many people don’t know the right kitchen appliances to use for either baking or cooking purposes or put it this way; they’re confused.

Some are conscious that Oven, toaster, grill is a lot more high-powered than the regular Microwave, yet they have no idea what differentiates both. Hence, the very crucial question of concern is spotting out the main difference between  Microwave vs OTG

The buying and selling of either OTG oven and Microwave have escalated rapidly over recent years; even so, upgraded form of microwaves like convection microwave oven have make the appliance multifaceted.

Yet, there remains a mix-up or misinterpretation between Microwave and OTG, which is suitable for use in the kitchen.

Supposing your spending plan to buy these tools is low; you should resort to OTG for real, and maybe your budget is a little bit higher; yes, you can buy an oven.  

Though these kitchen appliances have same properties, at the same time they have dissimilarities.

When it comes to how Microwave or OTG cooks the food, either appliance is different; likewise, the system in which these appliances maneuver electric current to warm its heating components is not the same.

Both appliances give impressions it’s applied for similar purposes; however, they have some key differences one needs to be conversant with before buying. The differences between OTG and Microwave are based on different characteristics like electronic components, inside recesses, price tag, manageability, and user-friendliness.

Lamentably, it can be hard to identify the most suitable option you mainly require from microwave or OTG appliances as both tools perform similar functions. Knowing the differences can help decide which is most appropriate for the purpose which you’d like to serve you.

In this article, we’d check out each of these appliances one by one, then further with what differentiates microwave vs OTG

All you need to know about Microwave?

If you need your pastry prepared very fast or roasts dishes, Microwave is the best to use.

Microwave is one of the appliances in a kitchen to assists in preparing and warm food through electromagnetic radiation. It increases the food hotness simply by subjecting it to high-frequency magnetic induction. Microwave is so rampant & everywhere for use.

The system of operation

The standard wave frequency with microwaves is approximately 2,450 MHz and is exhausted by sugar, water, fats (already contained inside the food). Right after the waves is used up, it’s transformed to heat.

The heat occurs inside the food substance without disturbing the air on every side of the microwave. That’s the clue on the rapid heating and less time-consuming cooking duration with a microwave.

A crystal, polymer, or bowls do not take up wave’s frequency, but metal can.

The concept of heating with microwaves occurs through absorption; in that respect, the Microwave usually cooks and warms some specific foods randomly.

When it comes to heating foods with a microwave oven, the slightly wet foods boil quicker than the very low moist food.

The outside surface of the food might probably not have a powdery or brownish look.

You must have heard about convection microwaves; is it the same as the regular microwave. “Convention oven vs microwave.” Yes, but it is a bit modernized with its features and functionality. What makes the difference is the convention one is operable with a mobile device. Also, it can bake, roast, and crisp. It does warm up heat self, ready before the actual cooking takes place. A convection microwave controls temperature, energy, and time by itself. Conventional microwave employs microwave hi-tech to warm the water particles contained inside the food substances very fast. Besides, it has a separate function that serves the purpose of a mini oven.

All you need to know about Oven, Toaster, and Grill?

Merely from the title, even without being told, OTG has three attributes that make it a suitable tool to use inside the kitchen. There’s nothing so skeptical on how OTG cook’s food; it only uses hot coils to do that, while the thermostats regulate the temperature in there to cook the cuisines appropriately. 

The system of operation

OTG has boiler features that contain nickel/chromium coil to warm the part and an air cooler that assists in spreading the heat uniformly. Aside from that, it heats the food; also, the food looks brownish.

You can notice OTG oven commonly requires time to warm up in preparation to cook. The heat contained by the part elicits from the coil’s hotness, so it typically takes time for preheating.

The fan is the major or I’d say number 1 feature as it’s responsible for spreading heat about the food and contributing to heat the food properly.

Do you need to grill, roast, and bake? Yes, you can do just that with Oven toaster grill, but if it requires you to meltdown and heat, unfortunately, this is not possible.

At this point, you should have an idea of one or two fundamentals on OTG or Microwave, how it operates, properties associated with both. With this knowledge, it can help you grab the difference between  Microwave vs OTG 

When you talk about the best OTG you can buy based on its multifaceted system and high-quality performance; then you can list the Bajaj oven. 

Buying decisions – I’m confused! Which should I go for? “an OTG or Microwave appliance.”

OTG vs Microwave: which is better microwave or oven, toaster, grills

The response to this fall back on your baking and cooking style. I’d examine some cases that a Microwave will be best for use or OTG oven.

Now, we’d discuss instances when a Microwave is not appropriate to use, while the best alternative to resort to is Oven, toaster, grills.

·         Do you like baking all manner of pastries like pizzas, doughnuts, cakes, other baked items in your luxury? If the case is so.

·         Maybe you have so much baking to complete and can’t wait for an extended period to bake others.

·         You’re looking up to begin a cake company in the future as a supporting job or probably a permanent one.

·         Maybe you hardly heat food again and again, or you’re satisfied reheating food on a hot plate.

To each of these cases above, OTG is most suitable to use.

Now, when is Microwave suitable for use?

In this case, we’d examine instances when OTG is not suitable to use, but Microwave is a better option.

·         Maybe you bake pastries/cookies once in a while, probably 1-2x monthly or no up to that.

·         Your intention is not to begin a cake company, use for family use. On that note, you use not so often monthly.

·         Maybe your warm food all over virtually 24-hrs.

·         Maybe you prefer cooking food inside a microwave now and then or have it like a standby for times you wouldn’t like to prepare food on a hot plate.

·         You are aware that automatic-cook with different modern set up, such as melting with no less oil, inside a microwave is very helpful for everyday use.

·         You lack a hot plate/auto-gas cylinder attachment; hence preparing food inside a microwave is convenient in your case till you have a connection.

·         Preparing food every day with Microwave can as well increase charges remitted for electric current. Therefore, it’s a crucial aspect to consider.

Suppose both cases mentioned above all fall in line with your requirements; you can consider buying an either appliance for use.

The choice to make all centers on individual’s choice, & what you intend to cook. Besides, knowing which functions well depends on is determined by the microwave type. The available types include convection, solo, and grill.

Ten differences between OTG and Microwave

As is the case, any OTG and Microwave are nearly applied for a similar usage; simultaneously, both do have dissimilarities. Hence, I’d address one or two factors that join either device together; thus, it will be easy to understand the differences.

The concept employed – Machine control

Microwave – Microwave uses electromagnetic radiation. Normal Food substances with fats, simple carbohydrate, water, that draws in the waves, then change to heat. The heat inside microwaves is not uniformly spread, while the preheating function makes the food warm very fast.

On the other hand, Oven, Toaster, and grill are made of hot coils inside the air cooler and its part. Heating beforehand with Oven, Toaster, and grill requires a lot of time compared to Microwave; meanwhile, it cooks food correctly due to the fans. The fans spread the heat uniformly all over the food.


The temperature limits you’d get in Oven, Toaster, grill, and Microwave are virtually similar. Meanwhile, it’s possible to fix the temperature for either appliance to 100 C. You don’t have to disturb yourself with this value. 

Warming beforehand in preparation to cook

Warming beforehand to cook is a scenario whereby you heat the oven before start baking the food. It assists in cooking food quicker. However, the temperature limits do not differ, but when it comes to preheating, OTG and Microwave differ.

Microwave – Microwaves may typically take 5 minutes to preheat.

Oven, Toaster, and grill – Commonly, OTG can require 10 – 15 minutes to turn on, obviously higher than Microwave. 

Inside recess – size

OTG –OTG sizes start from 15 Lt. – 60 Lt. When it comes to the inside recess, OTG has many frameworks fitted inside such that users can use plates, then put them over each other.

Microwave – You can have a Microwave size of as much as 42 Lt. As far as the inside recess, the spinning wheel/dish inside the Microwave is tiny and doesn’t permit putting a huge plate.

Accessories to use

OTG – if you’re looking at the best choice for Oven, Toaster, and grill Utensils, you talk of stainless-steel metal can, silicon, glass (borosilicate glass).

Microwave – Microwave has few materials like tempered glass (Pyrex), Styrofoam, glass, ceramics, silicon, Paper; these are the best choice to use for Microwave. Meanwhile, it would help if you kept clear of metal materials as they don’t use electromagnetic radiation, also affect short-coil that can be very unsafe.


OTG is built with an attachment identified as Stay on or Timer Bypass Switch. The control enables users to put the oven turned ON pending you’re set to switch OFF by hand. This attachment is functional and easy to reach while you intend to cook sandwich cookies or oven-dehydrated tomatoes.

Unfortunately, Microwave lacks the feature. Meanwhile, it’s of no use only if you prepare sandwich cookies or oven-dehydrated tomatoes daily.


OTG – Users can bake, grill, toast food substances with OTG; however, it’s impossible to defrost or heat again.

Microwave allows you to defrost, toast, scorch, heat again.


Virtually all the full displays and controls in a Microwave are on-screen.

While OTG, users can often have the hand-operated system. Supposing you use OTG, you need to be specific with the stopwatch, quite different from Microwave that there’s nothing like display stopwatch in Oven, Toaster, and grill.

Microwave is very simple to operate since it has just a single rack and one method for cooking. Meanwhile, Oven, Toaster, and grill are built with many frames; hence you have to identify the most appropriate option that suits you, but OTG has many cooking and heating methods.

Tag Price and Weight

Microwave is of much weight and enormous size than OTG, making it hard to shift all over places. It implies that you need to secure or prepare a tight space to position your Microwave; meanwhile, OTG is movable to any spot you are okay with whenever. In terms of cost, OTG is more affordable compared to Microwave.

Energy use, Ease of Cleaning & Automatic Cook control

Microwave does preserve as much as 20% electric current than OTG, making it possible that for an extended period, Microwave is preferable. OTG has nothing like automatic cook control, while the current Microwaves we have nowadays is about 100 – 200 specified menu tag.

Because of many frameworks and bases, this makes rinsing out OTG a lot more excruciating process.



Convention microwave vs Toaster Oven

when it comes to the cooking process, toaster ovens heat food with infrared waves generated via the coils that have electricity moving over it.  A toaster oven is the best use for foods like fat-free chicken, pizza, browned cakes, potatoes, etc. In contrast, microwaves use electromagnetic radiations all through the oven surface to warm the moist contained inside the food.  

Relevant Questions about OTG vs. Microwave

Yes, you may still be clueless on the differences between Microwave vs. OTG; look at the questions presented below. 

Which is safe and sound of Microwave or OTG?

Either tool of Microwave and OTG make use of different processes to perform a similar function. The basis at which Microwave operates is based on electromagnetic waves; meanwhile, OTG applies heated air & coils distributed through the air cooler.

Theoretically wise, there’s no justifiable fact that declares precisely one is more solid. By the way, some nutrients are irrecoverable while using a Microwave as a result of the little time applied for baking.

Which is preferable to cook for Pizza – OTG vs. Microwave?

Pizza preparation requires a scorching stand to get started. Microwave does not generate heat, but the only current makes it unable to supply the sufficient measure of heat needed for a pizza to cook.

OTG is the best to prepare pizza; you only need to preheat the appliance, put the pizza on it, and adjust the hotness to 250°.

About 5 mins, the pizza is ready to take out of the tool.

Which is better of consumes less electric current– OTG vs. Microwave?

Microwave applies electromagnetic radiation to steam water particles in the food; this makes the food so hot deepest within, identical to the Microwave.

Given that a Microwave heats the whole food at the same time, it needs fewer cook time; thus, it causes low energy use.

Meanwhile, OTG operates with a time-consuming cooking operation such that the heated air encloses the food, then heat gently spreads from the external layer of the food to the inside. The longer time required for cooking implies much-required power use.

Which is most appropriate for Baking – OTG vs. Microwave?

Out of Solo, OTG, baking is only achievable with Convection microwaves; the other forms of microwaves are out of it. Meanwhile, suppose you’re an expert or senior baker, it’s better to use OTG since its primary purpose is baking.

OTG operates by heating coils and heated air via the fan, and what’s best and correct for baking. This measure of accuracy may not be possible with a Microwave.

Conclusion – OTG vs. Microwave

The main idea is, suppose you’d like to prepare simple dishes such as chicken, added flavor, rice, and need to make it very fast; it’s better to opt for conduction microwave.

However, maybe you are an expert pastry maker or hoping to have complete kitchen tools to cook, toast, and scorch with the best possible baking standard. Yes, OTG is a suitable pick.

And, if you’d want to step up your food preparation style to another dimension, try either appliances OTG oven and Microwave in your kitchen.

It would help if you discovered what your criteria would be like, then what purpose would you like it to serve you. In this way, this can clear you off the confusion of knowing which is appropriate for use,

Peradventure you want to cook or prepare pizzas; you’d instead choose an Oven, Toaster, Grill since Convection Microwave can’t provide you with the flavor, taste that’s obtainable with OTG. In contrast, take up a Microwave; if your priority is the quickness of your food to get done on time.



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