Michelin’s Passenger Tyres: All You Need to Know

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The contemporary automobile market has a wide variety of tyres to choose from- Passenger tyres, Radial tyres, Tubeless tyres, All-terrain tyres and SUV tyres. Talking about Passenger tyres what strikes the most is the fact that they are essentially designed to be used in sports cars and performance sedans. With a combination of sporty stance along with an excellent performance at high speed and enhanced dry and wet traction capacity, passenger tyres have circumferential trenches to smoothly prevent hydroplaning. Thus, in such capacity, they offer a sound road handling to the vehicle. Typically, suitable for warm and rainy conditions these are used by daily commuters traversing highways.

Why Choose Michelin’s Passenger Tyres?

Amongst a wide variety available today, Michelin’s passenger tyres based on standard, high and ultra-high performance ratings respectively are the world’s top-notch passenger tyre manufacturers. Let’s check them out:

Michelin Primacy 4

Being the test winner in ADAC’s 2020 summer panel, Michelin’s Primacy 4 features an EverGrip technology with a safety-oriented optimized tread pattern offers a high-level hydroplaning mechanism up to 22% even when worn out. With next-generation high-performance rubber compound, the primacy 4 model offers an outstanding dry and wet braking performance. While its Max touch tyre construction uniformly distributes the forces of acceleration, braking and cornering guaranteeing extended longevity, a Treadwear indicator signals the need to change them.

Michelin Pilot Sport 4

Also regarded as the “Big Daddy” of passenger Tyres Bedworth, the Pilot Sport 4 or PS4 comes with a “Dynamic Response Technology” ensures an optimum steering control with an ultra-reactive tread pattern designed for an optimized reactivity on the road surfaces. Manufactured with a hydrophobic Silica and functional elastomers followed by longitudinal grooves, this model offers an exceptional hydroplaning system on wet roads. Its co-association with emblematic manufacturing brands like Mercedes, Porsche makes it one of its kind.

Michelin Cross Climate+

The very name Cross Climate suggests the versatility of this model performing in all weather conditions- both Summer and Winter given its grip maximizing compound that offers outstanding flexibility and excellent grip enabling indentation in extreme heat and snow. While it’s unique V-shaped tread pattern with rigid bevel-edged tread blocks is responsible for an exceptional dry braking longevity performance, the 3D grooves offer long-lasting traction and grip on snowy surfaces.

Michelin Pilot Super Sport

With a dual-compound rubber technology on both internal and external sides of the tread enabling extreme endurance during cornering and an exceptional wet grip capacity, this model from Michelin optimizes both dry and wet braking. Designed using similar digital software used in the aeronautics industry, the Pilot Super Sport features a volatile contact path which changes while cornering with the rubber in the contact being unchanged. With an optimized grip and stability, these Tyres Langford are best suitable for dry handling.

Michelin Energy Saver+

Increasing demands for reduced emission concerning environmental sustainability has enabled Michelin to manufacture an environmentally sound tyre using its ECO ‘N’ GRIP technology which reduces heat generation saving up to 8% of energy. This model comes with a unique combination of minimized rolling resistance with maximized wet-braking and all-season performance with an energy-saving contact patch that saves up to 60 litres of fuel thus extending the tyres tread life. Its fuel-efficient technology yet offering a superior mileage makes the Energy Saver+ one of its kind.

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