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    As the undoubted lineal member of the Jiang family, Lieutenant General Cheng Fei, the current president of the Academy of Military Sciences, has not been impacted by other lineal members of the Jiang faction like Ling Yi, Minister of National Security, in this storm. On the one hand, this person acts in a low-key and cautious manner. On the other hand, it is because the Academy of Military Sciences is not as prominent or important as other departments with real power such as the Ministry of National Security. Not only did he still go to and from work on time every day under the “protection” of the military headquarters, but he was also able to come to the northwest border base where Jiang Yang was located on the grounds of “leading experts to investigate the combat performance of new equipment under actual combat conditions.”. 119. Cheng Yihan, deputy chief of the general staff of the 13th Army, as his son and the person in charge of the main reception unit for this inspection, went to the airport early in the morning to greet him. After the entire delegation had a reception lunch hosted by Supreme Commander Jiang Yang at the command center, they were taken by the special car of Langya to the current military headquarters of the 13th Army and began to work. Since no one knew that the war would last a month or ten or twenty years, the survey became very important-a protracted war would force both sides to further improve weapons and equipment innovation technology, and the more detailed the initial survey work, the easier the follow-up improvement research and development would be with clear objectives and remarkable results. As a result, the workload increased again and again, and several groups of experts led the technicians who worked in three shifts day and night to work without sleep, while Lieutenant General Cheng Fei was responsible for coordinating the relationship between the groups and the officers and men of the 13th Army. Although Cheng Yihan lives in the same dormitory with his father, he seldom has the opportunity to talk deeply about everything other than business. It was not until the last day,turmeric extract powder, when the other colleagues of the working group had packed their bags and were ready to return to the colorful city life, that Cheng Fei was finally free, so Cheng Yihan moved his vacation and prepared to have dinner with his father. Cheng Fei came back later than expected, and instead of locking his briefcase in the safe immediately as usual, he took out two bottles of wine from it and put them on the dining table. There are already four bowls of dishes put together by Cheng Yihan on the table-the sauce bones stewed in the division canteen, the special vacuum steamed ham from the Marshal’s House found in Su Chaoyu’s refrigerator, the homemade fruit and seafood salad,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, and a bag of five-color chicken soup noodles from Su Chaoyu’s refrigerator. It’s a bit simple, but after all, it’s wartime, and my father always likes simplicity.. Cheng Yihan was a little nervous for no reason. To be honest, his relationship with his father was far more harmonious than that of their superiors, namely Jiang Yang and Marshal Jiang. Although Cheng Fei was strict, he was always Cheng Yihan’s loving father rather than strict father. And today, the former adjutant of the commander did not intend to disclose his marriage with the intelligence chief. Even the wedding ring was hidden.. But now, looking at my father sitting so seriously opposite, looking at the two bottles of wine on the table that looked very strong, this posture seems to be really, not good. Cheng Fei picked up his chopsticks and pointed to Cheng Yihan’s bowl of noodles: “Eat first.” Cheng Yihan tried to clip a piece of fruit, but was knocked by his father, who stressed seriously: “Eat first.” This is really too strange, ghana seed extract ,lycopene for skin, Cheng Yihan simply has the impulse to run away, but that is really too humiliating! And completely unable to solve the problem, the 13th Army’s most respected deputy chief of staff teeth a bite heart a horizontal, simply obedient-who cares, my own father, can not harm me? After eating a bowl of noodles, Cheng Fei put down his chopsticks and neatly opened the two bottles of white wine. One bottle was placed in front of Cheng Yihan. The other bottle was taken over and drank one third of it. Then he calmly said, “Son, drink.” Cheng Yihan visual inspection, this bottle of wine must be the trump card product of the wolf tooth store, 52 degrees of pure grain brewing, cheap price and excellent quality. It is said that one day when there was no war, Su Chaoyu and Peng Yao made a bet, blew a whole bottle to each other and then rushed out to shoot a moving target. As a result, the champion of the Marine Elite Competition defeated the 43-ring Little Rosefinch King with a total score of 44 points in 10 shots. No matter Su Chaoyu or Peng Yao, their usual score would never be lower than 95 points. It can be seen that the wine is strong enough and ruthless enough. Cheng Yihan looked at his father in embarrassment. His father looked at him seriously. Finally, his son surrendered first. He grabbed the bottle and gulped it down. He felt that his whole mouth and esophagus were ignited by fire. Cheng Yihan’s tears almost fell down. He looked at his father pitifully and looked bullied. Of course Cheng Fei knows. Because the Cheng family was not an aristocratic family like the Jiang family, Cheng Yihan did not take banquets as a common practice like Jiang Yang from childhood to adulthood. His capacity for liquor was not bad and absolutely not very good, especially the ordinary distilled liquor brewed from this kind of grain. He hardly had a chance to enter his throat. He suddenly drank so much, which was naturally very uncomfortable. But at this moment, Cheng Fei, who had always loved his only son, was not moved. Instead, he calmly blocked Cheng Yihan’s excuse: “You have nothing to do except to send us tomorrow. I have asked Colonel Su, and he has promised to ask Peng Junchang for leave for you.” Traitor! The mole! Cheng Yihan clamored in his heart and regretted not having a good move with Su Chaoyu in advance. Cheng Fei simply ignored him, but looked seriously at the pot of sauce bones, put on disposable gloves, and snapped off the biggest piece. Cheng Yihan a startled, can only endure to pour seven or eight mouthfuls, the strength of the wine up a surge, the eye immediately red. Cheng Fei handed the bone with the straw to Cheng Yihan: “Go ahead.” Cheng Yihan sucked a mouthful of fragrant and smooth bone marrow, only to feel fever on his face and weakness on his limbs. He pretended to look at his father calmly: “What?” “Your secret, son.” Cheng Yihan shook his head vigorously: “No, I didn’t, sir.” The secret of the chief.. I can’t say.. Cheng Fei then grabbed his bottle of wine, drank another third, and pointed to Cheng Yihan, with a very elegant gesture. Cheng Yihan gritted his teeth, and his experience of struggling with his father for more than 20 years told him that resistance was futile and that he should not waste his energy on this matter, so he raised the bottle and drank at least three or two liquors again. That momentum, even if Su Chaoyu saw it, he would be amazed. Cheng Fei thoughtfully gave Cheng Yihan a few pieces of meat torn from the bone and let him rest for a while. Seeing that the wine had gradually turned his cheeks red, he asked, “Your secret,akba boswellic acid, son, you fell in love with him, didn’t you?” 。

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