Marketing trends to watch in 2022

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Marketing trends come and go, sometimes as fast as the wind. It’s just not easy to capture the right flight pattern. Should your business jump on the TikTok bandwagon? Virtual reality (VR) may not be on the rise, but can augmented reality (AR) be trusted? What exactly is going on with bots and artificial intelligence (AI)?

The questions around digital marketing can seem endless. As technology continues to evolve, and so do consumer behaviours and interests, new questions arise. So, to help all marketers out, we’ve analysed some of the biggest marketing trends to watch in 2022 .

1. Identify your goal

Author and motivational speaker Simon Sinek revolutionised the business world with his 2009 book, Start With Why. Sinek acknowledges that he did not come up with anything innovative, but simply brought together what made the success of famous brands or individuals, such as Apple or Martin Luther King Jr. Sinek’s formula is simple: most companies follow the sequential order of “what”, “how” and “why” as a business model. In the era of sustainable marketing, this question is all the more important today.


In fact, the formula should even be reversed and companies should ask themselves: “why”, “how” and “what”. For example, consider how Apple and Dell approach manufacturing electronics for their audiences. “We make great computers” is the “what” that Dell has embraced. Apple, on the other hand, started with the “why”. We all know which brand is the most popular.

The brand must seek to connect with its audience, but for that, it is necessary to tell a story. Consumers increasingly want products and services that give them experiences and moments they can share with the world on platforms and channels such as social media.

3. Content really is king

Interactive content

When it comes to content marketing, any expert will tell you that there is content you can read and content you can interact with. The second type of content tends to be more popular because it usually contains a call to action that encourages engagement. For example, the quiz “Which city should you live in?” by BuzzFeed is one of its best examples. In fact, you need to think of ways to get your audience to actively participate instead of passively consuming. By interactive content , we mean tests, quizzes, polls, surveys, infographics or contests.

Ephemeral content

What makes the stories format so popular? The fact that his videos disappeared, which helped to reinforce the feeling of “FOMO”, or the fear of missing something. The growing popularity of stories has highlighted the value of content that is disappearing or has a short lifespan. As a social media trend to watch in 2022, marketers should remember that ephemeral content is a key draw for Gen Z, famous for their eight-second attention 

Personalised content

Personalization is the process of segmenting your content to reach different types of audience members based on their preferences, habits, and behaviours. This content strategy most often takes the form of lists, where certain content is sent to certain types of users based on the lists they have joined. In a world sometimes overrun with online information and not enough time to sift through it, personalization is a big win for brands looking to capture the attention of their consumers.

span. This is why you need to incorporate ephemeral content into your content marketing strategy, especially with platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels that can help you reach this particular audience.

4. Incorporate video marketing

Have you checked your Facebook or Instagram feed lately? Chances are it’s 75% video. This also explains the enormous success that TikTok experienced in 2021. We now live in the era of video. This is a marketing trend that can no longer be ignored and must be integrated into your strategies. Did you know that your website is 50 times more likely to generate organic search results if it contains video? This is because online users find video content more compelling, so Google movies sites and pages with videos up in its rankings.

Given the current configuration of the media landscape, brands have the opportunity to communicate through video, both on their own networks and through influencers.

From YouTube to Instagram Reels, video has become one of the most popular ways for customers to learn more about your brand or product, or learn something new, so use video marketing as a way to increase engagement with your audience. These can be live video posts on your Twitter or LinkedIn feed or live streams on YouTube. Either way, you need to invest in video marketing and pay close attention to increasing mobile video consumption.

5. Invest in influencer marketing

What is more effective than an advertisement to sell your product? A popular social media personality who touts your product to their fans and followers. Influencer marketing has reached such a level that 63% of consumers trust an influencer’s opinion of a product or service more than the brand itself. Why ? Because influencers are considered opinion leaders and can establish their credibility through every social media post or ad . When they work with brands, it’s because they sincerely believe in them, and that trust is passed on to consumers.

Brands that work directly with influencers on a one-to-one basis can develop unique exclusives that will resonate with their target audience (see how to find the right influencers to partner with your brand). The creative process is more complex when it comes to putting together a successful influencer strategy, but what should be emphasised is that you need to work with quality influencers who really match your brand, instead of having a large number of influencers that don’t match your audience at all.

6. Promotional Posts

There is no doubt that social media has become an important part of online marketing. There is a growing marketing trend in the number of users shopping on social media platforms.

For businesses looking to evolve their products and services towards a more online offering, social media is a great opportunity to reach more customers and incentivize purchase through promotional posts. Platforms such as Instagram and Facebook have made it easier for businesses and e-commerce stores to create promotional posts to shorten the sales funnel. We can expect purchases made on social media to be considered normal in the future.

7. Chatbots service client

Chatbots are part of conversational marketing. These are artificial intelligence software that can communicate with users and help them achieve a certain goal or answer a particular question. Chatbots have the ability to interact with users in a natural way and usually do so through text windows that appear on screens, but advances in technology are making verbal interactions possible as well. As chatbot systems collect data over time, the software learns more about the user and can, in turn, provide an ever-improving service. This is one of the main reasons why customer service departments have embraced chatbots.

Having become more sophisticated and automated, chatbots also have the ability to provide personalised and targeted service. While 80% of companies. With 80% of businesses  saying they want to start using chatbots this year, we can expect this marketing trend to continue growing well.

8. The consumer-avatar

Is Facebook’s metaverse a crazy bet or a real marketing stunt? The future will tell. The fact is that this virtual interdimensional space opens up new vistas. This could well upset consumption and the concept of consumer itself. In a few years, we could then see the birth and democratisation of a new consumer who would take the form of an avatar straddling several levels of reality. If this is the case, the brands that think about it today will be the big winners tomorrow!

These marketing trends, as well as the changes in 2022, need not scare you. In fact, the evolutions and marketing trends observed this year are as many opportunities for brands and marketers. If the digital marketing landscape has changed, let’s make it a positive phenomenon to focus on to improve not only digital marketing strategies, but also customer experiences.


By judiciously combining these “big ideas”, you will be able to interact directly and effectively with your audience. Want to learn more about the changing digital marketing landscape for marketing and PR professionals? Let’s take 10 minutes to discuss with our professionals   Social Media marketing Lahore.



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