Making the case for investment in facility management

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Let us consider an organization ready to invest in facility management software (FMS). They know the positive impact software can have on the facility management department and the organization. Are they ready to let it roll? Let us now consider what happens next.

Is investing in facility management software a big deal? In all honesty, it is a big deal because the right software can do a lot of wonderful things when it comes to a facility management team’s overall accuracy, efficiency, and success. This can also help organizations save a handsome amount of money each year.

But it is an understandable fact that it is not a secret about the justification of the cost of an investment made in software can be quite difficult. Such happens when the budgets are tight or there is a lack of a buy-in option from the shareholders.

Experts in facility management working at a well-known company providing facility management services in Saudi Arabia have to say the following:

       40 percent of employees working in facility management departments at numerous organizations state that they lack the budget to implement top-quality facility management software.

       32 percent of employees working in -facility management departments at numerous organizations stated that they lack buy-in options from the company leadership regarding the software’s Return on Income (ROI).

If these challenges sound familiar to an organization, then they are not alone. It is thus possible to prove the merit of facility management software and bring shareholders on board with their investment.

Here are some tips recommended by experts to get the needed buy-in from the budget holders and controllers of their organizations, provided the facility management team members are looking to make the case for facility management software.

The first step – Determining the return on the income of an investment made in facility management software

Having facility management software is all about being more efficient and responsive for the daily maintenance routines (and for other maintenance routines too). If software can help the team regain useful working hours and accomplish more tasks, daily monthly, and yearly; this investment is well worth the department’s dollars.

It can seem difficult to determine the return on investment (ROI) of facility management software. Yet, it is easier than people may think. They can start by determining how much time the team spends upon the following monthly:

       Making reports.

       Searching for information.

       Waiting for team member’s instructions.

       Making multiple trips between various job sites.

       Sorting through paperwork and filing it.

Facility management software can eliminate a lot of these manual administrative processes and automate them to reduce error and redundancy. This helps employees spend less time glued to their computer screens and help them make the most of the time spent in the field in doing work that matters the most.

Second Step – Selecting a software whose work processes are beyond work orders

One of the best ways to gain shareholder buy-in for facility management software is exhibiting the proof that a specific solution can fix multiple challenges and pain points faced by the department. In simple words, the department’s leadership needs to show leadership that the the investment will prove to be beneficial even if the price point of the solution they suggest is higher than others in the market.

It should be kept in mind that something that costs cheap is certainly not better at all. Facility management software solutions are not a game nor are they a joke. Investment should hence be made in one that can address an organization’s needs and challenges thoroughly.

Third Step – Ensuring the software chosen is used to its complete potential

The best part about making a big investment in software is seeing it implemented and utilized completely. Yet to make sure, here are some foolproof things to ensure nothing is left behind:

       Look for a facility management software a provider who can complete the implementation for the firm.

       Ensuring that data within the software is accurate and reliable 100 percent.

       Select software that is user-friendly and easy to use.


Facility management should never be taken for granted. It should be regularly checked and ensured that everything goes right.

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