Make Wise Use Of The Grocery Delivery Service For Your Business With The Instacart Clone App

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If there is an ever thriving business, then absolutely it will be the delivery services business. Generally, people rely on delivery services as they can save time by ordering items at their comfortable pace. The outburst of the Covid-19 triggered people to stick with delivery services for ordering food, groceries, and several other services. If you are looking for the best delivery service business, we will insist on adopting the grocery delivery business. Yes, venturing into the grocery delivery business will undoubtedly augment your revenue. Businesspersons who look to start an online grocery delivery service, idolize apps like Instacart. This is because Instacart t provides the best of best grocery delivery services to users with sound features. This blog will be a 5-minute read that takes you through the types of grocery delivery business model and revenue pattern of Instacart clone script.


Types of business models for the grocery delivery business:


Single store delivery model – The single store model will match your business if you run a solitary grocery store. With the delivery app, you can take your services online and give exposure to your services.


Chain grocery stores delivery model– This model can also be called, ‘multi-vendor marketplace’, where you can associate with various grocery stores and sell their items via your app. Investing in this model will fetch more revenue as you will get commission fees from multiple sellers.


Hyperlocal delivery model– As the name itself implies, your delivery service will be limited to a particular location. You can collaborate with grocery stores and help them sell their items to users via your grocery app.


Features that will help you to excel in the grocery delivery service business:


Booking– The pre-booking feature will give users the flexibility to get their orders. The users can book groceries in advance by mentioning the date and time of delivery. This is one of the cool features of the app.


Estimated time of arrival– The moment the user makes the order, the app generates the estimated time of arrival of the delivery. The user will find this feature flattering as they can know the time of arrival in advance.


Order tracking– Users can get to know the location of orders so that they can make themselves available to receive orders.


Order details– Users can access the details of previous grocery orders made via the app. The details comprise the names of every item, total bill amount, delivery date, and time.


Availability toggle- The drivers or delivery executives can make use of the delivery toggle to mark their availability for taking up orders.


Earnings report- The driver can view his/her earnings from dispatching orders from the earnings report. The report has a breakdown of total earnings based on the number of orders taken.


Admin dashboard- The admin is the center of authority for carrying out tasks like user profile management, providing support, offering promo codes, setting up referral codes, etc.,


Revenue scheme of the grocery delivery app:


Delivery charges- You can levy delivery charges for orders based on the distance of the user’s location. For example, for a distance within 5km, you can cost a certain amount, and for above 5kms you can cost additionally.


Commission fees- If you launch the multi-vendor grocery delivery app, you will receive commission fees from every vendor.


Other than these, you can gain revenue from secondary sources like displaying ads, promoting vendors’ products, selling merchandise like storage kits, baskets, etc.,



No matter how large or small your business is, you can easily acquire users and revenue if you start your grocery store with Instacart clone app development.

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