Maca Root; Potential health benefits

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Maca; a plant is grown in central Peru, is known for its countless benefits for centuries.  It is related to the family of radish and cultivated in a large area to utilize its root for making medicines. It is rich in amino acids and fatty acids. Maca root gives a boost to the person’s energy. Scientists are still working to find out its benefits and the possible side effects. Till now, there have not been found any damaging side effects of its usage while the benefits are numerous.

Nutritional value of Maca root

Maca root is nutritionally rich in minerals and essential vitamins. It has a good amount of vitamin C, copper and iron. It has a tiny amount of fiber also. Its antioxidant properties make it perfect to reduce toxins from the body.

Herbonatural; authentic supplier of Maca root in Pakistan

If you are not able to get the genuine Maca root product, it all becomes useless to acquire this. Herbonatural is a herbal medicine supplier in Pakistan that never compromises the quality of the products. It is an online herbal store that is largely supplying Maca root in Pakistan to the desired individuals.

Maca root powder extract

It is a dietary supplement that is made naturally from the root of the Maca plant. It is processed and packaged with proper care and in a hygienic way so that the customer gets the quality product.

What Maca root does in the human body?

Maca root is known for various benefits. People use it as per their requirement prescribed by a specialist. Following are discussed some potential benefits.

·        Treats hormonal imbalance

In many individuals, hormones go out of the normal range. Especially in young individuals, there are certain factors that imbalance the hormones. Maca root stimulates the pituitary gland in the hypothalamus of our brain to produce an adequate amount of hormones. These hormones further control various processes in our body especially related to fertility.

·        Treats infertility in men

Infertility disturbs a person’s private life as he does not remain able to contribute to the next generation. Sexual dysfunction is quite stressful. Maca root has proven benefits in treating infertility issues in men and women as it balances the hormones. It increases testosterone level in males which further contributes to increased semen quantity and also enhances sperm count. Many individuals after taking Maca root for a prescribed time period improves their semen quality as much as they become able to conceive a child, infertile women.

·        Treats anxiety after menopause

Menopause is a condition when the menstruation cycle in females stops at a specific age. Significant hormonal changes cause depression and anxiety in women. Maca root supports at this moment and helps to treat depression. It also improves sexual functions in them.

·        Increases libido

Libido is the sexual desire in a human being. It is reduced due to some factors like hormonal disturbance or depression. Maca root is given to those adults to enhance libido which is a natural process. People prefer to take natural herbs to treat these types of health issues as they think that they will not cause any harm in the future. It has proven benefits not only in men but also in women.

·        Treats male sexual problems

Maca root is effective in treating sexual problems in men. It increases stamina and sexual performance in men. It also helps to treat infertility in men by improving semen quality. Maca root increases the number of sperms and improves their quality.

·        Removes toxins from the body

Maca root has antioxidant properties and this helps to remove the toxins from the body. These toxins may have accumulated from the decay of chemicals taken by the body outer or maybe from the cellular decay. A healthy body leads to a healthy life for a man.

·        Reduce depression

All your actions in daily life are the response of your body. If your mental health is not well, you might not be able to perform in a better way. Maca roots possess flavonoids which might help to improve psychological health. It is given to the patients to reduce anxiety and depression especially in women with hormonal imbalance or passing through menopause.

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