List of Important Activities in Back-End Web Development

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Back-end web development focuses on the working of the website and mostly concerns with the server-side. Various languages are available that help to develop back-ends of the websites. The most common languages are PHP and Java; these languages enable retrieving and storing data to and from the database.

A website’s front-end will not work until it has a back-end as a backbone or to support it. Back-end provides functionality to the front-end, and back-end activities are very important for dealing with the database’s data and information. There are three basic components around which back-end web development revolves. These components are as follows.

  • Browser/application
  • Webserver
  • Database

Keep scrolling the article to get familiar with the most common activities necessary to perform in back-end web development.

Top 7 back-end activities that are important for websites

A website is a combination of front-end and back-end, and both ends are important for the working of the website and user experience. There are some important functions and activities necessary to perform in back-end web development because, without these activities, a website will fail to operate or work.

The following points below exhibit the list of activities that must be performed in back-end web development.

1. Storing and retrieving data

All the websites store the website user details and the list of products in their databases. The back-end web developer writes programs to store and fetch these details and information with a single click. The login and sign-up activities on a website are all possible because of back-end web development strategies. As soon as the user logs in to a website, the input details are compared with the details in the user’s database while registering for the website.

2. Payment activities

Online transactions and payments on a website are all possible due to back-end web development. The website fetches the details of user bank accounts by connecting to the databases and then deducts and updates the user accounts. These algorithms and codes must be free of bugs and errors to avoid difficulties later. For your ecommerce websites, hire the services of a web development company in Dubai and implement error-free payment and transaction processes to your websites.

3. Enabling interactivity

Websites must be interactive and responsive. If websites do not incorporate interactivity aspects, they are of no use, and they will fail to attract the users, and the website bounce rates will increase. You can decrease your websites’ bounce rates by increasing the user’s interactivity. If the user can communicate with the website, they will have a better user experience; websites that do not communicate are static and result in bad user experiences.

4. Making front-end elements functional

Website front-end elements are the element that users can see and interact with the website using these websites. These elements do not work or are functional unless back-end web developers implement strategies and actions for each front-end element. For example, a button will not be able to perform any action until there is a coding behind different actions on the button, like hovering over the button and clicking the button.

5. Securing the websites

Websites contain user details such as their contact details, transaction details and much more. To increase the users’ data security, websites must be safe from hackers and have no threats to the website user information. Back-end web development ensures the website’s safety by using protocols for the websites that are secure; one of the security protocols for websites is the HTTPS protocol, which stands for hypertext transfer protocol secure.

6. Cross-platform websites

Websites must be platform-independent and must operate on all web browsers. To ensure this platform-independence, back-end web developers perform several tests and experiments to ensure the same website has the same loading speed, interfaces and actions on all the available web browsers such as Firefox, Google etc. These websites should also look the same on various devices like mobile phones, with the same loading speed and look.

7. Work on usability test results

Before website deployment, various tests help to determine the performance of the working of the websites. Back-end web development deals with these tests’ results and performs necessary actions to make the website better. Back-end web development deals with the improvement of the website from time-to-time. You can hire a web development company to ensure your websites function well or develop better-performing websites from scratch.

Develop strong back-ends for highly interactive websites

There is no debate between the importance of the front-end and back-end of a website. Both are equally important for a website, but we cannot deny that a website will not be able to perform basic functionalities without performing back-end activities. These activities must include strong codes and algorithms because most of the website activities are dependent on it, and any single mistake could lead to website crashes. Hire expert services to develop your websites free of bugs and performance issues.

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