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The appearance of innovation has disturbed the customary training and learning framework.


For the last decade, the world has seen a consistent change from disconnected instruction to online schooling. However, disconnected and online modes, both went connected at the hip until the pandemic hit the world.


However the understudies settled in gaining from both on the web and disconnected modes, the principal concern was, can they acknowledge the unexpected complete shift to computerized learning?


All through the pandemic, web-based learning had been the lone choice, to keep the learning predictable.


The variation for the equivalent on a psychological level could be contention for the understudies just as for the guardians.


As we have all seen that because of vulnerability about the internet learning frameworks and strategies received by the Educational Institutes, numerous understudies considered taking a drop till the pandemic gets over.




During the lockdown, numerous foundations thought that it was hard to adapt and figure out how to an unexpected shift to E-Learning, yet VPSM arose out effectively confronting the difficulties.


VPSM had been innovatively ahead since its origin. VPSM’s educational plan isn’t simply restricted to hypothetical information, it comprises a specialized and viable methodology for learning Business Management.


Vijay Patil school of management presented its in-house created AI-based Smart Learning Management Software, CLASSROOM+ right around 5 years prior. Along these lines, understudies at VPSM were at that point OK with the online method of learning.


During the lockdown, regardless of whether understudies couldn’t go to the grounds, VPSM guaranteed that learning ought not to suspend. Indeed, VPSM guaranteed that Internships and Placement measures didn’t stop.


Presently workforce and understudies have an assortment of learning devices accessible in the powerful programming framework. The showing techniques incorporated with CLASSROOM+ empowered understudies to proceed with their normal classes, task entries, and significantly more.


How ClassRoom+ is helping VPSM understudies and workforce to proceed with the Learning :


VPSM understudies can screen the result of their courses through the Outcome-Based Education (OBE) highlight which is an understudy-focused guidance model that spotlights on estimating understudy execution through learning results including information, abilities, and perspectives.


VPSM likewise guarantees that each understudy procures the right information and abilities utilizing the Competency-Based mastering highlight, which has frameworks of guidance, evaluation, reviewing, and scholarly announcing.


Instructors can share all their learning assets in advanced arrangements on the web and understudies can get to them across the board place.


Shrewd Assessment and Feedback include which assists understudies with the assumptions for accomplishing a higher grade.


Progress following element for temporary positions and live ventures to comprehend understudies’ learning advancement.


The Final Placement Process is productively overseen by LMS like shortlisting CVs, screening, position notice, and that’s just the beginning


What’s the situation post lockdown?


Presently when the lockdown limitations are facilitating and the schools are opening continuously, understudies and guardians are stressed over the security measures at school grounds.


Subsequently, guardians are confronting the worry of whether their youngsters ought to be shipped off another city for seeking after their MBA or PGDM courses, in Maharashtra particularly Pune (as it is the schooling center point of India).


Taking a gander at the current business changes, the difficulties looked at by the Corporate World have prompted the advancement of business measures.


Along these lines, it is bringing about New-Age Job jobs. Because of this, it has gotten important for hopeful administration understudies to get quality instruction.


They ought to pick one among the list of MBA colleges in Pune or PGDM programs where they can realize what the business requests subsequently guaranteeing that their vocation way isn’t hampered because of the pandemic.


However, what’s the confirmation that other B-Schools can furnish with such progressed preparation, particularly during the worldwide emergency?


VPSM’s Strong 600+ Corporate TIE – UPS – A Boon :


VPSM’s tie-ups with more than 600+ corporate monsters empower it to give understudies persistent Corporate Interactions through global virtual gatherings, business meetings, online entry-level positions, and significantly more in any event, during the lockdown.


The Industry tie-ups of the foundation likewise empower it to break down the worldwide emergency, approaching difficulties and changes in the businesses ahead of time.


VPSM’s corporate tie-ups likewise guarantee that the educational plan is refreshed and improved as needs are and the understudies’ learning interaction isn’t hampered.


Safe Campus, Safe Learning!


VPSM comprehends and upholds the significance of Safe Learning. Be it disconnected or on the web, VPSM rehearses best conventions with regards to “Safe Learning”.


Each touchpoint inside the grounds is disinfected routinely. Resources, understudies, and staff individuals wear covers. The pandemic couldn’t prevent VPSM from granting continuous quality training and its understudies are bound for an incredible corporate vocation ahead.


As trendy positions are arising, it becomes significant for hopeful administration graduates to not think twice about their preparation and learning measures.


Not even the pandemic or some future cataclysms ought to have the option to hamper their expert development. VPSM gets this. It advances, executes, and keeps up with its Training DNA according to the business prerequisites, continually conveying quality instruction.


In this manner, understudies’ vocations consistently start things out at VPSM.

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