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Whether you live in Whitchurch- Stouffville or Caledonyou have probably heard about insulation. It is mostly done to keep your homes warmer during the chilly winter nights, keep out bugs and allergens, or even shut out outside noise. People looked up to fiberglass insulation for an extended period in the form of faced batts or unfaced rolls. However, people soon began to realize that blown-in insulation can achieve higher R-Value.

What is R-Value? It refers to the resistant value of the material. In other words, the higher this value is, the warmer your home will be and vice versa. Soon, blown-in insulation began to replace the traditional fiberglass as it had specific limitations for retrofit applications.

Let us look at how the blown-in insulation works and why it is better suited to your walls!


What is blown-in insulation composed of?

One of the essential questions that could probably arise in your mind is what exactly comprises blown-in insulation? Well, a wide variety is usable, including Styrofoam pellets and fiberglass fibers. However, the most common material used is cellulose. Cardboards, recycled newspapers, and other wood-based substances are often treated with boric acid and other chemicals to make them fire-resistant and fungus-resistant. It is then packaged tightly.

During installation, a powerful blower or hopper is used to churn out the cellulose material with paddles to loosen and mix it with the air. After that, the fluffy insulation is blown through hoses to the places required.

Although the machines are expensive, they are often loaned out by the home improvement centers. In other cases, if you purchase large quantities of insulation, you get to keep the machine on rent. It becomes inexpensive in such cases. It is, however, recommendable that you have a licensed contractor doing the installation work.


Blown-in insulation in Walls

Most of the blown-in insulation is mostly done for attics and the walls. You have wide popularity for this type of insulation in Caledon.

If you want to improve your walls’ R-value in a limited period, then blown in insulation in walls Caledon would be the perfect thing to do. Usually, it is done from the exterior side of the wall. Of course, you may also do it from the interior, if you can do it through drywall or plaster. Two holes are drilled, one 12 inches from the ceiling, and the other at a distance of 3 feet from the ground level. An insulation blower is then used to blow the cellulose or the loose insulation material into the wall cavity. After that, plastic plugs are used to fill up the holes in the walls. You can easily paint the plugs to match the color of your walls to smoothen it out!


Advantages of blown-in insulation

You might be wondering if using blown-in insulation is advantageous since you will be drilling holes into your walls! Therefore, it is only natural for you to want to know all the pros and cons beforehand.

Some of the well-known advantages are:

  • It is time-saving. If winter is just around the corner and you haven’t gotten around to using fiberglass or spray foam lately, this will keep your rooms warm thoroughly!
  • Made from wood-based celluloid products, it is incredibly eco-friendly. Thus, if you love a healthy environment, then this is the ideal insulation for you.
  • If your home was already constructed, you do not need to remove the outer wall cavity to fix the insulation, as it would be in the case of fiberglass batts. Just drilling the appropriate holes would be enough!


Ultimately, blown-in insulation will work best when you hire the perfect contractor to perform the task. While it is one of the best rapid solutions for a chilly winter season, it also takes proper measurements and the correct way to do it! You can never have the desired results with amateurs or unskilled service providers. Hence, before you sign in any contract, conduct the required research, get background information on the contractors, and try to get reviews from previous clients before finalizing the deal. On the same note, it is recommendable to talk to two or more service providers to consider each agreement. Then you can select the one that is most appropriate for you!


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