Latest Trend of Stylish and Modest Coat Abayas

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An adequate fashion statement does not always require high profile clothing and accessories; sometimes a simple coat abaya can do just fine. The modest fashion industry has grown out of the minimal exposure phase. There is no denying to the fact that Arabs will always have dominance over the abaya styles. The new talk of the town coat abayas can never be completed without taking the Gulf side activities in consideration.

While the summer season is approaching people generally have this misconception that coat abayas will not really be seen in fashion. Let me break this bubble for you, coat abayas are not restricted to winter season only. However, the most coat abayas are preferably worn in winters only but some abayas can be perfect for the summers as well, all depends on the fabric that you are using for the coat. Black Camels offers an extensive range of fabrics for all kinds of abayas.

While the interest in modest clothing fashion is expanding globally, the world still take inspirations from the Arab and Gulf countries as they are supposed to be the maestro ofit. So what is actually dominating the Arab modest fashion? Lets see, apart from the modern coat abayas what other kinds of abayas is Black Camels offering.

The year 2021 is all about going minimalist and giving more liberty to women, as women today are no more staying quiet and taking unnecessary orders from others. Taking matters into their hands, making big decisions along with styling their attires is what they are doing today. So the modest fashion must also complement it, right? We thought so too.

New experiments

This year’s modest fashion is now experimenting with the new cuts and designs. Why should we still carry on with our traditional styles when we can don some new cuts and designs? There is a remarkable amount of embroidery that is now done on the abayas and is perfect for everyone who love elevated vibe in their abaya style stress.

  1. The most widely used abayas in the current fashion industry are
  2. Arab style Kimonos and butterfly abaya styles
  3. Laser cutwork and exquisite broad lace border styles
  4. Stone studded refined works on formal style abayas
  5. Neat embellishments and handwork

1) Black Kimonos is the new Fashion

Well, everybody would just agree to the fact that the black color has just something about it and black abaya fashion is just not going anywhere. It has however been transformed into gulf inspired must classy Kimonos but still gives the perfect abaya vibes that it is supposed to give. If you have a cute nice park picnic to go to, a black kimonos would be just the perfect attire for your part. Even though Kimonos are in real a Japanese fashion and Arabs have not replicated it entirely but it still the best that they can do with it.

The Arab style Kimonos have attached sleeves with drapey bottoms to transform abayas into a new style abaya dress. They fit perfectly to the description of quality abaya because

  1. They are quite in loose fitting
  2. You can carry them in the most styling way without any skin exposure. Moreover, it allows the continuation of the trend of wearing single colored abayas, keeping the trend of being classy and modest intact.

2) Extra Flowy Abayas

Who does not like extra flowy and drapey dresses, I mean we all just tend to give our heart away to these dresses, don’t we all? Well the good news is the Butterfly abayas are now in fashion again, it has become a new craze ad you will see various brands like Black Camels cashing on this trend.  You will brands fighting to bring new innovative styles to this trends and get the highlight on the fashion magazines.

These abayas are perfect for the dinner parties and date nights, I mean who said you cannot be modest and wear abayas on the date night? Times have changed now! Abayas are no longer considered as traditional dress that only oppressed people wear. Today women from all ages and backgrounds wear abayas for their own reasons. Some find it convenient to wear whereas others like to follow their faith and be the modest person they are ordered to be. Ladies who prefer loosely fitted abayas with eh gorgeous drapes also like to don such abayas.

3) Coat Abayas

Coat abayas are not new in the fashion but they still are seen as the elegant yet classy piece of clothing. All you have got to do is wear a light fabric dress underneath as the coat fabric could be a little harsh on the extreme summer season. Nevertheless, it is a perfect choice for everyone looking for the chic yet modest fashion style.

These abayas are perfect for the quick grocery runs or school, since they give more of a casual vibe rather than the formal look.

No matter what abaya style you are wearing, if you are comfortable and confident in it you are the most beautiful women out there in the party. Your confidence and comfort is what matters the most!

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