Laser Eye Surgery: Things to Consider ahead of Time

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If you’re getting tired of all the rituals involved in handling glasses and contact lenses, then count yourself lucky as laser eye surgery may just be the best solution for you. Since it is a medical procedure, you need to carefully choose your surgeon and medical provider and not make any hasty decision.

In order to help you make the most out of laser eye surgery, here are suggestions on what you should know and consider from consultant ophthalmic surgeon Dr. Amir Mani.

Get to know your professionals

Becoming familiar with the eye team and clinic that will be treating you is very important before starting treatment.

Here at our eye clinic, we can arrange a virtual consultation to discuss your visual needs and get best recommendations for your treatment so you can be sure of your options during assessment.

So many treatment options to treat vision abound. This doesn’t only include several types of laser eye surgery, but also Refractive Lens Exchange and implantable contact lenses. This is why you should talk to your opthalmic surgeon who’s providing treatment to be certain their recommended treatment is suitable.

Consider the various laser eye surgery types

Before now there were two major types of laser eye surgery: LASIK and LASEK, but other treatments have come on board. Make sure to choose a medical provider offering a plethora of treatments.

Putting your age, glasses prescription, and if you have dry eyes and other health conditions, your doctor can recommend the right laser eye surgery.

Keep your eyes open to clinics that provide latest technologies in eye treatment.

Here are the options:

The most recent option for laser eye surgery is PRESBYOND which is suitable for those over 40 years having the natural need for reading glasses. It provides excellent vision for all distances for even very old people.

The most popular laser eye surgery type is the LASIK. It uses a flap created by a laser to reshape the cornea.

There is also the Small Incision Lenticule Extraction, SMILE considered as the keyhole of laser eye surgery. The procedure is less invasive, and done without any blade. Recovery is very quick and it’s ideal for those having very high prescription myopia.

Also available is the LASEK. It’s another popular traditional treatment.

Your best option will be recommended by the clinical team based on their experience, expertise, and result from your diagnostic test.

Carry out a research on the clinic

Any clinic you’re considering, research about them. Look at their reviews on Trustpilot and Doctify and how successful they’ve been at treating people using different laser eye surgery types.

Find out if you’re suitable for laser eye surgery too. We offer zero-cost expert advice so you can contact us for this.

Research who’s not eligible

Some persons can’t get laser eye surgery including:

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding mothers
  • People with serious dry eyes
  • Those below age 18
  • People whose prescription has changed significantly
  • Glaucoma patients

Know the cost

Be sure whether you’re paying for each eye or the cost covers both eyes. Find out that there’s no hidden costs. At Optimal Vision, our costing is transparent and offer 0% financing and affordable monthly payments to help spread cost.

Get to know recovery times

Ask your consultant what the recovery time is for the recommended surgery. SMILE or LASIK can see you recover within 24 hours while LASEK may take more time for you to recuperate.

Plan for your day of treatment

Get someone to drive you or make arrangements for a cab after treatment since you won’t be able to drive.

Find out how much you’ll be spending at the hospital.

To reduce waiting time, we offer virtual consultation during this covid-19 period. This means less number of patients at a time. So, your treatment won’t take much time. Book a free consultation today for laser eye surgery in London.

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