Kindle or Book? Which one is the best?

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Summer has already arrived for a while and a great must every year remains the problem of what to take to the beach to cope with the sweltering heat, especially if you are a bed animal and spend hours and hours in the sun. I’m not talking about protective creams, fruit juices and bronzers, but about reading, or rather about readers.

My first Kindle:

In December I got my first e-reader, in this case a kindle. In the end, however, they all have almost the same characteristics so the choice of brand is very subjective. After a month choosing which one to take amazon discounts made me lean towards the former, in particular for paper white, which, being also illuminated, allows evening reading without the use of lamps.

Since feedback is king on the web in guiding consumers’ choices before buying, (my) decision times before clicking “buy” have expanded.

The big doubt remained: but will the convenience of carrying your library in your pocket compensate for the loss of that magic that only the scent of paper and ink can give you?

With that $ 130 cost of the kindle, how many books could I buy?

  • With Spotify first and kindle later, what will my friends give me, who knew that with a record or a book they would make me happy? Pink polka dot panties? And what would I have given him? These are important questions to ask yourself before taking sides.But let’s proceed in order to analyze all the doubts that paper lovers who were hesitant as I was before the big step can grasp.1 – With the Electronic Book I tire my eyes

    False. E-readers use e-ink, electronic ink. The thing I didn’t think possible is that it really feels like reading a book. Both for the ink effect and for the page effect, and you can read for hours without effort on the eyes, just like for a paper book.

    2 – I already have the tablet, it’s the Same thing

    False. Do not make the mistake of thinking that you have a tablet so by downloading the free app (kindle or kobo whatever) you will save yourself the purchase of your e-reader having the same yield. The lighting of tablets is similar to that of computers and is very different from that of e-readers. After a couple of hours you will find it hard to continue reading, especially if like me you also use contact lenses. Moreover, on the beach where there is a lot of light it is almost impossible to read on a tablet. Finally, the weight of an e-reader is significantly lower than that of a tablet, and this is an important factor in the long run.

    However, it is true that tablet apps have many more functions, such as underlining with various colors, and being able to change the background color.

    So let’s say they can replace the e-reader for reading working pdfs, where a few more features don’t hurt.

    3 – I don’t have to take the charger to the beach with the Book

    Ni. To quote Amazon, the battery lasts not hours, but weeks. Of course, every now and then he must be loaded too. The usual advice is valid, if you read in airplane mode (disabling the wifi which, except when buying an ebook, you don’t need much) and read on the beach where there is enough light to not have to use the e-reader, the charger will be (almost) a memory, like the fifth grade exam.

    4 – But what are these comforts?

  • The cloud. Your purchases, your underlines, your documents, once the device connects via wifi, are perfectly synchronized, ensuring a better user experience that allows you to easily switch from e-reader to computer to tablet to smartphone. Trust that it is not a bad thing, especially if it is work documents and you are “forgetful” like me that every now and then you forget something at home.
  • When reading books purchased on Amazon, you can see the passages most highlighted by other readers and, if you want, share them on social networks.
  • Have the library in your pocket along with your work documents.
  • And when I say pocket I’m serious. The kindle fits in your jacket pocket as well as in the back pocket of your pants.
  • Especially for business documents, it is the turning point. Although many of you have ultra-light laptops and ipads, if the documents are long, the e-reader beats everyone for practicality and lightness.
  • Being able to read with one hand.
  • My favorite. Let’s face it, reading and underlining a book or document on a bus, on the metro or on a regional train standing is not easy. It is better on high speed but it is definitely less economical. And what about the sea, under the sun, while you shade yourself with one hand or hold an iced drink.
  • With the e-reader, you can read and change pages with one hand.
  • Notes and underlining
  • You can underline as many steps as you like and add notes. The highlights and notes will be easily at hand and will constitute a kind of summary or best of the book that can be consulted wherever you are.
  • The calculation of time

With kindle, it only takes a touch to know how much time you have left at the end of the chapter or book. It seems nonsense but it is a factor that personally stimulates me a lot to continue reading to reach a small milestone every time knowing how long it will take.

5 – But I love paper, isn’t $ 130 thrown away?

The true question whose answer will lead you to the conclusion that it makes sense to invest.

The average cost of e-books leads to savings of 40/60% compared to paper books. If we then consider the books no longer covered by copyright (to be understood the great classics, when 70 years have passed since the author’s death), the savings reach 90% when they are not even free. This means that if you are a good reader, with one year of e-books you will have covered the cost of your kindle, thanks to the savings on the paper book. Ergo you will have tried something new without burdening your budget and, if you don’t like it, you will have a gift ready for a family member who wanted it.

But so kindle beats Book?

No. At least for me. In recent months I have alternated e-books with paper books. Sometimes I enjoyed the convenience of kindle, sometimes I missed the scent of paper. They were usually gifts or books that I already had at home. Except in one case, where I already had the book * but I preferred to buy its electronic version which fortunately cost half of the paper version.
Why buy a book twice? Try to keep 1200 pages in your jacket pocket!

My estimate, made on the basis of my habits (I read a lot on the means or on the train or in line), provides that above 300 pages, the e-book is better for convenience, that is weight and space occupied in the bag.

In general, I believe that the e-reader should be used in an integrated way. If it were up to me I would like all publishers to give the electronic version to those who buy paper books. I would buy more. As do the record companies that give away the mp3 version with vinyls. It is exactly the same.

I like to be able to read anything in a few grams of weight, and at the same time give myself an afternoon in the library to choose a book for me or to give as a gift.

It is not a struggle between paper and digital, it is just an improvement, an integration. For business documents, the e-reader is really a great tool.

Maybe newspapers will only go online in a few years, but books don’t, they have a different magic that people will want to preserve. How do I know? I know this because certain things resist time, fashion, technology. They resist because when you read fairy tales to your child, you don’t want to do it illuminated by the cold light of a screen, you want a book in the warm light of a lamp.
And the kindle? You will use that to not wake your sleeping wife.

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