Key insights on Instagram like app development and the benefits it can bring in to your business

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Social media platforms have become one of the staples in our daily lives. People reckon social media to entertain themselves as they provide exposure to outside happenings and can stay connected with their friends and family.

As technology keeps its pace in rendering smarter solutions, social media is one such smart solution. Of the various social media platforms, Instagram has become the most used apps that have also turned out to be users’ favorite one.

Why do people prefer Instagram over other social media apps?

Instagram is a media sharing platform, that allows users to share photos and videos with different filter options. The app rolls out feature updates on a regular basis, which makes it more welcoming among users. Of all, the app has an enticing user interface with which users can parse through the app without any hassles.

While this is the case, business owners seize the opportunity in developing a similar app like Instagram tangled with striking features. You too can consider investing in an Instagram clone app that can be customized according to your preferences.

The blog is all set to pen down the features, and revenue model of the app that will stand a chance to enthrall users.

The User App:

Login- The user can log in to the app, by setting username and password.

Set up profiles- The user can set up their profile by uploading a profile picture, bio, and other details.

Newsfeed– The app captures the users’ interests or pages they follow and provide a personalized news feed based on their previous in-app activities.

Explore profiles– The user can search other user profiles or pages, via the search bar. They can send requests to other users.

Stories- One of the interesting features of the app is the story section where the user can upload photos and videos that will last for 24 hours. The user can also view the number and name of users who view your stories.

Upload posts– The user can upload photos and videos as posts that will stay forever in their profile unless and until they remove it. The user can also tag the location before uploading the post.

Highlights– The user can save the stories posted under the highlights section. The user can categorize the highlights by grouping them with a name.

Audio and video calling– Not to leave, the app supports both video and audio calling features. 

Live streaming– The user can go live and can invite one participant to join the live streaming. The followers will receive alerts whenever the user starts live streaming.

Certified badges– Celebrities or business profiles can apply for certified badges. The app verifies the details and certifies their accounts with badges.

The Admin Panel:

Dashboard– The admin looks after the overall app performance like managing content posted by users, providing badges, etc.,

Manage posts– The admin will keep track of the content posted by the user and has the authority to remove sensitive posts or misappropriate content.

Block users– If the admin finds any of the users indulging in fraudulent activities, the admin will remove that particular user from the app.

The monetization model of the app:

Carousel ads– The carousel ads are more of regular ads but these types of ads will display multiple photos or videos in a single ad that has a call to action. Business profiles can use carousel ads to bring in more exposure to their sites.

Sponsored ads– Users can expose their sites by running ads on the app. With this, users will receive visibility that will add up to your revenue.

Step-by-step guide on an Instagram app like development:

Step 1– Find a service provider who is skilled in developing clone apps. Tell them your requirements and point out the specifications that you expect to be in the app.

Step 2– The development team will customize the app accordingly so that it aligns with your requirements. This phase will account for back-end development.

Step 3–  In this phase, the developers will carry out the front-end customizations. You can decide on the level of UI. You can either choose the basic version or an advanced version and the cost of development will also vary accordingly.

Step 4– Once you approve the front-end and the back-end of the app, the testing team will proceed with the quality assurance tasks. The app will parse through several stages of testing and once the app is bug-free, the team will launch the app.


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