Is Paper Mailing Still Useful for Marketing?

Paper Mailing
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Paper mailing is one of the direct marketing techniques aimed at establishing a personal relationship with a customer or prospect. This means of communication uses, as the name suggests, the paper format in the form of sending a letter, a brochure, a leaflet, etc. In the digital age, is this marketing technique still proving its worth?

How does the paper mailing work?

The paper mailing also takes the name of direct mail. This is a commercial operation which consists in targeting by post a clientele by sending them promotional offers or advertisements in the form of flyers, prospectuses, brochures, leaflets, press releases, invitations for an event such as private sales, etc. This type of communication technique allows companies to increase their sales, build customer loyalty and communicate about their products. Paper mailing is mainly used and effective in the areas of mail-order sales, mass distribution, publishing or the press, even if other economic sectors can also be the subject of efficient paper mailings. The paper mailing is available to any business,

Specialized companies facilitate the implementation of this direct marketing technique for businesses. These professionals take care of the delivery of items by post on behalf of their customers according to the rates defined with the issuing company (one-off, daily, weekly, monthly, etc.). Upstream, they also take care of printing the paper mailing, placing it under envelopes, labelling it, and even processing the addresses of targeted customers.

The paper mailing is generally accompanied by a reply envelope (at free shipping costs for the customer). This type of direct marketing is in fact based on one main objective: to provoke a response in return in the form of an order, a request for a catalogue or an appointment, etc. The effectiveness of the paper mailing is then measured by the return rate of these postal items.

Is paper mailing overtaken by e-marketing techniques?

The development of the Internet has obviously relegated paper mailing to the last place in terms of direct marketing techniques. But the paper mailing has not had its last word. On the contrary, this type of commercial operation is now more polished, more upscale, to be able to make the difference with the very many mailings sent by email. With the paper format, all creations are indeed possible to best adapt to the image that a company wishes to convey and thus stand out. The company issuing a paper mailing can more easily give free rein to its imagination and creativity to reach a targeted clientele, especially since the choice of paper, formats, colours or even graphics is very wide as kissanime.

Paper mailing appears to be a more targeted direct marketing technique than e-mails, and it has the advantage of being more familiar, more common, but also easier to handle than the latter by a large majority of people. The emotional attachment to paper is still very present, and the majority of the inhabitants have a letterbox!

The paper mailing is also seen as less intrusive than the avalanches of advertising mails to which all Internet users are subject, very often considered as spam and which are therefore ultimately not opened by their recipient. On the other hand, those who receive paper mailings more often say that they read them, but also keep them. The interest of paper mailing comes from the voluntary act of consulting or not these paper mailings.

As we can see, the paper mailing is not dead at all, quite the contrary. In addition, this direct marketing technique can very well be combined with an e-mailing campaign to target the widest possible clientele.

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