Is it worth investing in SEO in your digital marketing strategy?

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A common question in the digital environment is to consider SEO and content marketing as a strategy. Understand the advantages and disadvantages, and whether it is worth investing.

A very common question when starting a strategy in the digital environment is to consider SEO and content marketing as an acquisition channel for your company. However, although this strategy has great advantages, it is important to understand if it is the best option for your business. In the following article, we will understand the advantages and disadvantages of SEO and whether it is worth investing. Check out!

Why invest in SEO?

Investing in content creation and SEO has several advantages. First, the strategy has a low operating cost, compared to others in the digital environment. In addition, it operates through the logic of inbound marketing, attracting qualified consumers and leads to your website.

Another positive point is the strategy’s durability. Once written and well-positioned, content can generate revenue over the long term until it needs an update. Audience potential is also a strong highlight of SEO, as billions of searches are performed on search engines like Google.

What are the disadvantages of SEO?

The biggest disadvantage of SEO is the time and effort required to start earning a return. If your website has a new domain, for example, it is common to take about three to six months to start appearing in search engine results. In addition, building an authority to win the best positions requires effort and good contacts.

The quality of your content also needs to match the user’s search intent and deliver value that sets you apart from the rest of your competitors. In addition, it is necessary to invest time updating and optimizing its contents, so as not to lose positioning or relevance in the SERP.

Costs of an SEO strategy

In addition to the basic maintenance costs of having a website, such as hosting and domain, the costs of an SEO strategy vary according to the approach you want to perform.

If you want faster results and invest more, you need to hire a digital marketing professional and expand production with a network of freelancers. Hiring a professional digital marketing company is also an interesting step when starting a strategy, however, it is essential to have a professional focused on SEO to continue the work and have a greater context within the company.

If your goal is less aggressive and your focus is on the long term, you can minimize costs by writing the content yourself or passing on some marketing resources in your company for that. However, keep in mind that if the SEO techniques are not well applied and the strategy is not well structured, the result can be a little frustrating.

How to build a well-made SEO strategy?

1 – Do research on your consumer’s search behavior.

First, you need to do market research and understand how your consumer searches on the internet and whether that behavior matches the product you are offering.

2 – Understand what are the SEO techniques that should be used for your business.

Then, it is important to understand well the SEO techniques, the strategies that exist and which is the best for your company.

There are brands that choose to write posts focused on micro-niches, with low searches in order to reach few customers, but with high purchasing potential. Others choose to balance the strategy, investing in topics with both high traffic but low conversion, and the reverse.

3- Focus on quality and not the quantity of content.

Always focus on quality instead of quantity. It is better to have a well-written post that delivers value than ten pieces of content that do not meet user expectations.

4 – Configure your website to optimize strategies and follow the metrics.

Adjust your site and stay tuned to the metrics. It will be very important to understand if the content is being useful for your audience and to identify points of optimization in your strategy.

Experiment a lot and optimize constantly. Google’s algorithm changes frequently and updates impact the way the ranking works. So always stay tuned for news on the market and don’t settle.

Your website in general also needs to be optimized for SEO, not just your content. Check that the page load is good, that the user experience is positive and that the user is optimized for mobile devices, for example.

5 – Be patient during the process and believe in the results.

Above all, be patient. SEO is a good investment, but many companies give up halfway through not seeing results in the short term.

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