Is it difficult to refrain from drug addiction?

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Drug addiction has become a public concern now. Not only in Pakistan but also in foreign countries, the ratio of drug-affected patients is rising over time. Type of the drugs which are taken by individuals vary, these are some specific drugs which may hyper or relax the brain but also some medicines which are allowed by the doctors in some conditions but patients go on taking them due to relaxing or sleeping effect. Getting yourself out of the life-threatening habit of drug addiction is no doubt a difficult time. It not only requires hard input from the patient but also the efforts of medical doctors. It takes a certain time also.

Do you have ever listened from a drug-addicted patient that he wants to leave the habit? Mostly will not have listened to this because even its feeling is so frustrating for the patient that how will he survive without drugs. They even cannot take a gap between the next dosages. In some cases, when the individual is not particularly a drug “addicted” patient, tries to get out of the habit by him but it does not work properly. Without medical guidance, it is almost impossible to quit drug addiction.

Why it is hard to quit?

How much the patient wants to escape but cannot control his desire. It is because the drugs have taken the control of his brain functions. When the nervous system does not work properly, the individual is unable to control himself. His desires, emotions, and behavior totally change. Eventually, he becomes an isolated person from his family and friends. His job and other activities are also badly affected. It takes him to more depression and anxiety so he takes more drugs to relieve stress but in fact, he is damaging his body. As much the person is involved in this habit, more it will take time to rescue him to normal life.

Quitting is hard but not impossible

It is very hard to bear the restlessness by the patient when the drug dose is missed. With the advanced treatment technologies, it is now possible to cure a drug-addicted patient completely. But what to do about that? It is necessary to report to the nearest drug addiction treatment center to start your treatment. Whatever drug substance you are taking like heroin, marijuana, opioids, or any other which is medically prohibited to use; it can be treated with proper medical guidance. Koshish clinic is a drug addiction treatment center in Lahore which is treating addicted individuals successfully for a long time. Patients reports at the center from far away locations due to the expertise of medical healthcare there.

Why report at the Koshish clinic?

There are many addiction treatment centers in Pakistan but why it is benefitting it to report at the Koshish clinic? It is due to the number of patients who have been successfully treated from cure illness with the efforts of medical doctors and psychiatrists. Families of the patients want to join those centers about which they have listened to a good repute.

Best treatment facilities

Koshish clinic has advanced treatment facilities to deal with patients even with serious drug addiction. The center has a complete facility if the patient needs to be admitted to the hospital. He is treated with specialized medicines which are the requirement of the patient. All the machinery and medicines are available at the center to avoid any difficulty.

Experienced medical staff

All the doctors and Para medical staff is well trained to deal with addicted patients. There are specialized workshops and training held from time to time to keep their treatment approach latest and advanced. It is the reason they attend to each patient particularly according to his condition.

Psychological consultants

Drug addiction majorly affects the brain and a psychologist plays a vital role to regain all brain functions. Along with medicines, they continue to do counseling of the patients to find out the issues behind addiction and to propose solutions to him instead of finding other ways to avoid anxiety. Psychological consultancy proves so beneficial for the patients that some feel quite better by sharing their anxiety even without medication.  

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