Is a poke bowl really a Health Food or just another social media hype?

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Recognized as “The King of Island Foods,” the unique food concept known as poke and pronounced POH-kay has recently grown in popularity within various countries of the world. But where does it originally come from? What is the reason for this recent boom in interest? Is this really healthy or just another trending hype? This post will give you the answers to all such questions.


Why is poke bowl rising in popularity?


Poke bowl is originated from Hawaii and prepared from fresh, finely chopped tuna fish, rice, soya sauce, noodles, vegetables, garlic or onion, and sesame oil. However, if you want to avoid consuming high calories, you can substitute ingredients, such as white rice, to reduce the calorie count.

In plain words, a poke bowl is a customizable dish. You can choose the ingredients and flavors of your choice and enjoy the mouthwatering food without compromising your health. Moreover, poke bowl a social media-worthy dish that stands apart from the crowd in terms of flavor, nutritional content, and appearance.


What makes a poke bowl healthy food option?


A human body generally gets energy from three sources: proteins, fats, and carbs. Our body functions by breaking down each of these energy sources in different ways to produce sufficient energy levels. As per many dieticians, a poke bowl is loaded with all of these energy sources, making it a popular Healthy food near youHere is what typically goes in a poke bowl:


Rice: Usually, the bowl starts with a base layer of rice. Many restaurants will offer low-carb options such as noodles and brown rice. If you are on a strict diet and preferring to consume healthy only, consider ditching white rice with brown rice or noodles.


Protein of choice: Next step involves adding the necessary proteins. For instance, in a poke bowl, marinated chunks of seafood as a protein-rich ingredient is used along with salad, fruits, and vegetables.

But vegetarians can also enjoy a poke bowl by simply customizing the ingredients. You can choose chunks of vegetables, rice, and salad instead of seafood to create a mouthwatering healthy, delicious, and entirely veg bowl.


Seasoning: cubes of fishes or vegetables, as per your choice, are mixed with the sesame seeds and salt to enhance the flavor.


Dressing: Plenty of sauces are used to highlight the flavor of fish, such as rice vinegar, sesame oil, and fresh lemon juice. You can choose the one you like most.


Vegetables: When looking for healthy foodwhat’s better than a dish loaded with vegetables. But unlike other vegetable salads, the poke bowl is delightful. Beetroot, beans, cabbage, broccoli, and carrots are commonly used vegetables.


Hot sauce: Lastly, all ingredients are tossed in the red chili mixture or soya sauce to give a flavorful finish. Now the poke bowl is ready to serve.

No doubt that compared to your fries, burger, or pasta, a poke bowl is a much healthier option consist of green leafy vegetables, lean proteins, and good fats. The best thing is, it’s low in calories too.


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