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Instagram Reel Let’s Find out What it is and How it Works

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An effective response from Mark Zuckerberg to TikTok has finally arrived and it is called Instagram Reel , the brand new option inserted and currently present on the App note since last August 5th. Having passed the tests carried out in UK, this function immediately intrigued users, especially influencers and aspiring ones, with its short videos very similar to those of the Chinese application, but enriched and made even more interesting by many functions. Therefore, the progressive roll-outs also begin in our country, as well as in the rest of the world and both Android and iOS lovers will be able to enjoy them. If you are among those who still do not know it and are wondering what Instagram Reel is and how it works , know that it is therefore a very similar feature to TikTok, through which users can create funny 15-second multi-clips. You can share the Reels with your friends or if you have chosen the public option, with a wider audience of users; you just need to make a montage with sounds and effects based on the message you want to send, then enrich the post production of the classic stories with multiple and creative and innovative tools.

How Instagram Reel works

As I already mentioned, Instagram Reel comes in response to TikTok, but adding multiple useful tools to make better, captivating and more effective stories to reach your audience. The presence of a countdown that anticipates the recording of the clip is a valid help when you want to publish a content developed in a more complex way. You also have a feature that allows you to set up multiple progressive clips and make the video scrolling smoothly for your followers who want to follow them and finally you can adjust their speed. Even in the Instagram Rail there are stories like stories and classic posts, however, in this case you can create a recorded cover to meet the clip and then put everything in the “search” area, so that it Increase the number.  Your Instagram followers. The Instagram Reels, at the moment, are enjoying enormous success and work especially among influencers in an effective way, as it is a new way to express and discover new content thanks to the presence of Reel that facilitates potential creators in conquering the scene. in this huge community.

The creation of the Reels

The creation of the Reels is quite simple, as the American giant himself explains. In fact, it is sufficient to enter Instagram and after sliding your finger on the various buttons, where you will also find the stories, locate and click on the Reel item in the lower area of ​​the camera. You will immediately realize that Instagram Reel looks like an App inserted in the App, since opening the panel you will see all the tools that you can use to create the clips, namely the Reels, making a whole series of imaginative, fun and creative changes. On the left of the screen there are multiple creative options to use to make the Reel and they are:

Audio: this function allows you to search for one of the many songs in the App’s music library, or to opt for your own original audio: in the latter case the sound will be attributed to your profile.
If your profile is public, other users can use your audio to create new Reels by choosing the “use audio” option directly from you;

Augmented reality effects: the effects are many and therefore you are offered a lot of choice; they have been created by creators from all over the world and make it possible for you to create video clips that are also very different from each other.

Timer and Countdown: This useful feature allows you to set a stopwatch before recording clips freely. By recording, a countdown timer will appear which will indicate the start of recording for the time you have chosen.

Align: you can decide to arrange the objects from the first video before proceeding with the recording of the second, in order to create smooth and functional transitions such as, for example, during a change of clothes, during an explanation of a culinary processor, finally , for adding new friends to your reel.

Speed: you decide whether to increase the speed or decrease it in part of the video or audio chosen, in this way you can match the rhythm to the object by increasing or slowing it down. You can proceed with the recording of multi-clips and decide whether to do it one by one, all together or one at a time; in the same way you can choose whether to take advantage of those already in your gallery. To start with the first clip, simply click and hold the button to record. You will notice that in the upper area of ​​the screen you have a progress indicator that will tell you the status throughout the operation. Once you have finished registering, you just have to release the button.

Sharing the Instagram Reels

If you work with Instagram as a professional, entrepreneur or influencer, you can use the Instagram Reels to share content of various kinds related to your business with your followers, making yourself known in the functional and wide community of this social media. In the event that you are an influencer, for example, you will surely have set the public option of your profile, therefore the Reel you created can be shared within the “explore” area, which will be viewed by the entire community of Instagram and where the best social trends are collected. In the event that the Reel created by users is inserted in the “explore” area, they will receive an informative notification of the publication. If you prefer, however, you can also opt to insert it directly into your Feed. Remember that if you choose a known song, hashtags or have inserted effects, the Reel will appear on the appropriate pages every time a user clicks on the song, the hashtags or the effect. On the contrary, if you have set your profile in private mode, the Reels will adapt to this privacy and then appear on the Feeds where only your friends will be able to view them. In this case, however, they will not be able to use your audio or share it on their profiles where they are followed by further followers: this clearly means that, automatically, you are choosing to deprive yourself of a substantial percentage of potential followers or customers. As soon as you have finished registering your Reel, proceed to the sharing screen, where you can act using multiple tools: for example, you can save the draft of your Instagram Reel, edit the cover image and insert a caption; you can create has hats or tag friends. Once all the changes have been made, all you have to do is share the Reel, which will appear in a separate section dedicated to them within your profile.

Increase your popularity with Reels

As you will have understood, the Reels are a great tool to increase your popularity on Instagram, as every novelty is very popular and captures the attention of users more. Unfortunately, like everything, starting is never easy, for this reason helps you grow faster on Instagram also with the help of reels. In fact, from the dedicated page you can easily buy Instagram Likes UK for a few euros and with a simple click, this will allow you to quickly increase the popularity and authority of your profile among other users.


This is therefore the result after a year of work on this new tool and it is through him that Instagram has decided to challenge Tik Tok. At this point all that remains is to wonder if the latter will be destined to end up like Snap chat when the powerful Instagram stories took over , which have depopulated among professional users and influencers all over the world. We’ll see.


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