Industrial Application Of Hydrogen Peroxides

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The First-ever hydrogen peroxide chemical compound to be known was in 1818. The simplest form of the peroxide groups is hydrogen peroxide and chemically represented as H2O2. The development process requires oxygen reaction with organic compounds, primarily isopropyl alcohol or anthraquinone, and it remains as a colourless liquid.

When hydrogen peroxide is heated, it breaks down into oxygen and water while subjected to salts of metals including nickel, manganese, chromium, copper or iron. One of the cleanest compounds with the greatest degree of flexibility is hydrogen peroxide, and it involves a wide range of application areas.

Application area of Hydrogen peroxide

In its pure form, hydrogen peroxide is a very pale blue substance, and more dense than water. It is seen as an oxidizer, antiseptic, and bleaching agent. The reactive oxygen species are present in concentrated hydrogen peroxide, used in rocketry as a propellant. The chemistry of the compound is controlled by the essence of its unstable peroxide bond.


     Aseptic wrapping

An H2O2 is a highly microbiologically, secure reagent. It is also used as a sterilizing agent for the inner aseptic regions of the production machines and the layer of the product packaging in connection with the food products.

     Synthesis of Chemicals

H2O2 is a low molecular weight oxidizing agent. It is a more effective oxidizing agent than potassium permanganate or potassium dichromate. In many organic solvents, namely water and the other substrate hydrogen peroxide is soluble.

     In Electronics sector

Hydrogen peroxide is used in the electronic sector as an oxidizing agent and a cleaning reagent. It is used in the manufacturing process of printed circuit boards as an etchant. The semiconductor production process needs high standard electronic grade H2O2 as an oxidizing and cleaning agent.

     H2O2 in the field of cosmetics and medicine

The oxidizing hydrogen peroxide property makes it appropriate for use as a disinfectant and a bleaching agent in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical professions. For example, in cosmetics, it has been used during oxidative hair death as an antimicrobial reagent, whereas in medication it improves the whiteness of the tooth by oxygenating marks.

     Use of H2O2 in climate

Hydrogen peroxide is environmentally and eco-friendly; it is also used in several environmental-related applications, such as an (AOP) advanced oxidation process. AOP process utilizes hydroxyl radicals to decompose hazardous compounds. In order to decrease the negative environmental impact, the technical processes often use hydrogen peroxide.

     H2O2 in Mines

The mining sector uses hydrogen peroxide as an oxygen source and as an oxidizing agent. For example, it is used in uranium and gold manufacturing and in concentrate processing and mineral leaching.

     Hydrogen peroxide in paper and pulp Industry

Hydrogen peroxide in the paper and pulp industry is being used as the core-bleaching reagent in mechanical pulp bleaching. It considers its applicability as a de-inking agent in paper recycling plants.

     H2O2 in the food and garment Industry

Hydrogen peroxide is widely used as bleaching reagent in the food industry, in which it is found to be used as a per oxygen reagent. Many substances bleached using peroxide are natural sugars and oils, starch, gums and waxes.

Many people wonder is hydrogen peroxide is bleach? The answer is yes. In the treatment of synthetic and natural fibres, including cotton, silk, wool, rayon and linen, hydrogen peroxide is the leading bleaching agent. It involves a higher degree of visibility to the fibers while at the same time preserving their mechanical characteristics.

     In the transportation sector

In the automotive industry, highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide is used as a propellant. For example, hypergolic bi-propellant motors that are used in mono-propellant systems and launch systems use hydrogen peroxide at high concentrations.

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