Important things to know to get approval when applying for a Singapore employment pass

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The Singapore employment pass is one of the most highly-recognized work visas in Singapore. An E Pass holder is not only a high paying worker but also has other privileges in Singapore. For one thing, they can sign up for a personal savings account in any bank in Singapore. They can also rent different housing types in Singapore, even public ones as long they can meet the conditions and pay the rent. They can even buy properties as long as they are condominiums and apartments. As a result, many foreigners aspire to work in Singapore as an employment pass Singapore holder. 


If you are thinking of applying for the Singapore employment pass, there are things you need to learn first. One of them is how to get approved for the E Pass. In this article, we will list down the important things to know to get approved when applying for the employment pass Singapore visa.


Your salary for the job is an important deciding factor for the Singapore employment pass


To be eligible for the Singapore employment pass, a candidate must get a job in Singapore that pays at least SG$4,500. If the job you applied for in Singapore will pay you less than that, you will not get approved for the employment pass Singapore visa. In addition, the salary limit is higher if the E Pass candidate is older in age and has an extensive employment history. 


For example, Ian cannot be paid in Singapore for only SG$4,500. That is because he is a chemical engineer with more than 5 years of experience. It is estimated that his pay should be at least SG$7,000 in order to qualify for the Singapore employment pass.


An impressive educational background is needed in the employment pass Singapore application


The education of the employment pass Singapore applicant is taken into consideration to get approval. It is important that the applicant is at least a college graduate from a prestigious school. Even if the Singapore employment pass candidate graduated from college but the university is unknown, there is a high chance the candidate will get rejected. That is why those who studied from well-known universities in their home country or from other countries have a higher chance of getting approved for the E Pass. 


Your work experience can be an overriding factor for the Singapore employment pass application


If an employment pass Singapore applicant is lacking in the education aspect, all hope is not lost. That is because the work experience of the E Pass applicant can cover the lacking in the education side. However, it is important to note that your work experience must be related to the job that you are applying for in Singapore. The more fit the job is to your skills, the higher the likelihood that you will get a positive response from your employment pass Singapore application.


The employer must have posted a job listing at Jobs Bank before applying for the E Pass


The Singapore employment pass candidate is not the only one scrutinized by the Ministry of Manpower for the E Pass approval. The hiring company is also evaluated by them. One of the factors that they look into in a hiring company is if it has posted the job listing at Jobs Bank. 


Jobs Bank is a platform where all businesses in Singapore are required to post their job posts. Before they are allowed to hire foreigners, the job post will be only available for Singaporeans for two weeks. This is to promote local hiring and not neglecting the local workforce. After two weeks, only then the job listing will be available for foreigners. 


Company capability is taken into account in the employment pass Singapore application


Aside from whether they had posted in Jobs Bank, it is important that the company has the capacity to employ employment pass Singapore holders. This means that the Ministry of Manpower looks into the financial capacity of the business to pay the salaries before they approve the Singapore employment pass application. Thus, it is necessary that the company must send proof of finances during the E Pass application in order to get approved.


The sure way to get approved for the E Pass


As you can see, a lot of things are taken into consideration before an employment pass Singapore application gets approved. This is the reason why it usually takes eight weeks to get a response for the E Pass application. In addition, there is a possibility that you’ll get rejected for the E Pass. If you want to make sure that you will get approved for the Singapore employment pass, it is best to obtain the services of companies like Ren Ai Group. These kinds of companies are experts when it comes to work visa transactions in Singapore. Contact a company like Ren Ai Group to know more on how to get approved for the E Pass to sure way.


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