Impact of tourism on country’s economy

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Tourism means the function and activities which people have done for travelling to different areas other than their own environment where they live for recreation, enjoyment and relaxation. Tourism has an economic and social aspect which enables the people of different countries and they move for their business and other activities to different places. Tourism plays a pivotal role in boosting the economy of a country. It, along with strengthening the country’s economy; also uplifts the living standard of the people of that particular area. Locally manufactured items, embroidered clothes, shoes, Shawls, Jewellery and fruits are sold there. Tourists purchase these things which are the source of income of those people.

Major role in this Tourism process is the Travelling Agencies. These are mainly responsible for making the arrangements for travelling and all other allied things like accommodation, travel guide, dietary programs. Different types of travel agencies are working in Pakistan and all are registered with the tourism Department. Some agencies arrange tours to other countries for the purpose of business and for religious affairs. Accommodation, travelling, related information is the responsibility of the concerned agency. Some agencies provide these services within the country.

Pakistan is one of the best tourism places in the world. People all over the world come here to enjoy and explore the beauty. You have listened that most of the best business organizations bring their working on tours abroad / inland. Why they are doing so? They know that by spending some days in free and good atmosphere workers will be energetic, mentally fresh and work wholeheartedly.

Importance of planning a tour

 Why we should stay behind? By living in the same environment, seeing the same things, interacting with the same people, thinking on the same pattern can make you become frustrated. They could not give a better output.  Children cannot explore their mental abilities. Spare some time for you and spent that time with you and you will feel a drastic change in your working and health. It is not necessary to spent money beyond your resources. For this purpose, many travelling agencies are providing services to the tourists.  Among others, the best tourism company in Pakistan is Zufta Travel & Tours which is providing best services to the tourists in their Limited budget. Leave behind all your worries and enjoy the tour with your beloved.

Zufta staff is ready to guide you according to your resources. With this travelling and tours, you will forget all your worries about boarding, lodging and location, history of visiting places because their staff has already contacts with Hotels, restaurants and booking system. Always travel with family and friends on these trips because one cannot enjoy alone. Before starting this journey ask the travel agent about the tourist places. It is a very important person.

Travel agent

Why this person is important in the touring system? He describes the visiting places to the visitor. He knows the shortest possible routs of dangerous places. Tourist companies hire those guides who have some qualities like he should be active and flexible minded. He should have good communication and presentation skills. The guide should have a friendly attitude and knows multiple languages to guide the persons of different languages in their own language. Be a good time manager and have knowledge of the historical place to demonstrate the visitors.

Never think to go on tour without Planning

Never think to go on tour without planning because it will create many problems and traveller will be busy to solve those problems and will not enjoy. Make planning keeping in view the days to spend on tour, Funds available and then discuss with travelling agent, he will guide better with different options. Choose the best option. In Pakistan many beautiful places in the Northern areas seems to the piece of heaven on earth. High mountains with dense vegetation, top of the mountains covered with ice, waterfalls, natural lakes, peoples of different cultures and traditions. There are many places to visit like Swat valley, White Palace, Malam Jabba, Madian, Bahrain, Kalam, Mahodand Lake, and the Highest Lake of Kalam Godar Lake. On the Other side Kaghan, Naran, Hunza, Kalash, Babo sir top , Kafirstan and different beautiful natural lakes are in the areas. Highest mountains are covered with white snow all the time. There is another option for those persons having a short time to plan a tour i.e Murree, Nathia Galli, Ayubia, Khans pur, Patriata and Muzaffar Abad.

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