Ice Cream Packaging – Different types of Packaging for retail and wholesale

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Ice cream is the favorite snack of most people in the summer season. Everyone enjoys ice cream in summer. However, its demand in the market also increases. Ice cream is a dairy product, and you should have to be more conscious about its packaging.  At this point, we cannot ignore it. Packaging plays an essential role in the increase in sales and protects it. Ice Cream is a snack that cannot sell without packaging.  Some of the important factors that should be considered while making Custom ice cream packaging are as follow:

  • Minimum Cost: In business, the first thing is to be noticed is to earn more profit. This might be possible by using good and less expensive materials for packaging. The packaging of ice cream boxes is different from others, so maintain a minimum cost on its packaging. 

  • Information about Product: All the information should be printed outside the box, like ingredients used in the product, manufacturing and expiry date, etc.

  •  Moisture Resistance: Ice cream is a liquid material, so it is compulsory that its packaging should be moisture-free and moistureproof.

  • Quality Packaging: Packaging or box should have quality packaging as the ice cream is a liquid material, so we should protect it better. Keep in consideration that the material using in the making of the box should not affect the quality of ice cream. 

  • Handling of Packaging & boxes: Design a box so that consumers can easily handle it and save it from damages. Many ice cream companies are making it accessible by giving a handle to hold boxes. 

  • The appearance of Packaging: In the food sector, Packaging profoundly matters. For instance, if you want to buy some food, you will prefer food packed in neat packaging. That’s why the packaging of ice cream should be neat.

The special type of packaging use for ice creams:

As we know that packaging is almost made up of Kraft, corrugated, Cardboard paper, etc. Now we can say that moisture and paper material are enemies of each other. For the packaging of Ice cream, we should need to know about the types of Ice Cream Packaging

  • Packaging for Wholesale Ice Cream
  • Stainless Steel Cans
  • Ice Cream Cone Sleeves
  • Plastic Containers

Packaging for wholesale Ice Cream:

If you want to pack ice cream in bulk, there are also many types of ice cream packaging, but we will discuss some important packing for ice cream wholesale.

Bucket made up of metal material:

Metal Buckets are made up of metal, there are some benefits but also drawbacks of using metal containers. The benefits of using metal containers are ice cream does not melt fast, it can increase its freezing time. However, its drawback is it is expensive packaging, and it can increase the weight of ice cream. It isn’t easy to handle. It may increase your expense to print something on it.

Plastic Boxes:

Plastic Boxes are preferable for the packaging of Ice Cream. You can also print your Custom Ice Cream Logo. Many ice cream companies are using this trick to meet up the customer’s needs. This trick is commonly used to sell ice cream in bulk, such as ice cream in liter.

Fiber Boxes:

Fiber boxes are made with the mixing of paper, metal, and waterproof sheets. These fiber boxes keep the ice cream rigid, and if ice cream melts, fiber boxes don’t make it leak. You can customize it easily and print it according to your desire. 

Stainless Steel Cans:

Stainless steel cans are also preferable for Ice cream, it can also decrease its melting points. In the market, Custom Printed Cans are using by most companies. It is less expensive than a metal container and easily disposable. Never use welding or any of this type of joint in the making of stainless steels cones. 

Ice Cream Cone Sleeves:

For retail, you can use Custom Ice Cream Cone Sleeves. Cone sleeves are made up of Kraft paper, corrugated paper, and cardboard paper. According to a business point of view, this packaging is less expensive, and cones are easy to handle. You can print your company logo and print sleeve cover color according to your need. 

Bar Packaging for Ice Cream:

Many bakeries and ice cream companies also offer ice cream in different bar sizes. Bar packaging is economical packaging. Custom printed Ice Cream Bar gives a great look to your ice cream. This packaging mostly consists of Kraft or cardboard paper. This packaging measurably protects ice cream from melting.


Packaging plays a vital role in the sale of ice creams. Good packaging of the product makes a good customer feedback. Similarly, ice-cream cone waffles are very sensitive and require perfect custom waffle cone sleeves for the packaging. This packaging solution not only saves them from damage but also brings beauty to the products. 

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