I want to start a blog: how to do it?

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In the last web marketing course in Milan I chatted a bit with the guys after the lesson: “Ok, I want to start a  insurance blog. You convinced me. But how can I do it? Because it is easy for web marketing experts to find their way around, for those who work night and day in this sector.

Who is it starting for now instead? What is the way forward for those who laid the first stone today? Who has just graduated, who wants to know the tools of their sector, who has decided to focus on their professionalism: what are the useful resources for these figures?

My opinion: it is essential to open a personal blog capable of conveying your name and surname. Without intermediaries, without voices that overlap and act as a superstructure. It is not easy to get started. Many are frightened when they realize that knowing how to write is not enough to create an editorial calendar worthy of the name.

Often the real adventure is upstream, it concerns the inauguration of the blog Better free or paid? Do I choose a corporate or personal blog? Do I divide these aspects – and create a blog for each sphere – or can I talk about my opinions on a professional blog? In short, I want to start a blog: how to do it? I’ll explain it to you here, in no uncertain terms.

The Topic Of This Post

  • 1 What do you need to start a blog?
  • 2 Do I have to gain experience to start a blog?
  • 3 Is it worth starting a blog for free?
  • 4 Is it better to open a personal or corporate blog?
  • 5 Personality is important
  • 6 I want to start a blog and make money
  • 7 Are you ready to start a blog?

What do you need to start a blog?

To start a blog you need three basic elements: hosting publish any website online, you need …quality, not too complex at least at the beginning, a domain capable of summarizing your project in a few words, and a CMS. I tackle one point at a time, don’t be afraid.

Web hosting must be reliable, capable of hosting your project files, and responding in the best possible way to requests from the public. Focus on quality of service, don’t save: migrations are boring, but they become necessary if you choose badly.

What do I advise you? Focus on online reviews, compare different items, and don’t stop at the first opinion: only a little online research can help you. And make sure you have scalable hosting, so when you need to buy new resources, a phone call is enough to get you covered.

The choice of domain is the point to be addressed with all possible care: it is your name, your address, the reference point that people will pronounce and write on the browser

Your domain is the essence of the work done, so you can’t settle for a third domain (wordpress.domainname.com).

Third step: download WordPress from the official website (wordpress.org) and use the power of this CMS to create your blog. You need to merge domain, hosting, and platform to create your blog. Without external services. Do these operations scare you? I admit they are not easy for those taking their first steps. That’s why most providers offer hosting services with pre-installed WordPress and automatic updates.

Do I have to gain experience to start a blog?

Getting your hands dirty before starting a professional blog is the rule to follow. For this, I recommend that you take advantage of the free WordPress.com service. Open a blog at no cost, work without fear on your articles: it is a blog that you can delete without problems, you can create another one the next day.

Working on a test blog and training is the first step: the second is to focus on a professional reality like the one I described above (hosting, domain, CMS). In the meantime, 

Is it worth starting a blog for free?

It depends on what you want to do with this free blog. Do you want to follow the example I just suggested and focus on practice? You have my blessing, that’s a great idea. Do you prefer to create a personal blog for personal branding? You’re all wrong, and this is especially true if the blog is corporate: you can’t make the most of free reality.

Firstly because it’s limited, it doesn’t allow you to get the most out of WordPress. The hosting / domain binomial offers you the possibility to choose the template you prefer, modify every detail and add the famous plugins (extensions useful for adding functions). With a free blog, you often can’t have all this, or you have to pay.

Is it better to open a personal or corporate blog?

It depends on your needs. If you have a company and you want to shorten the distance with your audience, you have only one way in front of you: create a blog within the website. Or make the blog itself your online presence. This is the ideal solution to give your company a good online presence: through the blog, you can focus on inbound marketing and allow the right people to find your content.

Each publication is an open door for your customers, a useful resource to share and link to. Can you say the same thing about a website? Who will share your commercial pages? Who will link them? Difficult to answer. In the case of the corporate blog, however, everything becomes simpler: each article is an opportunity to breach the interests of bloggers. So to do a good job of link earning with content marketing.

The personal blog, on the other hand, is an indispensable tool for the freelancer who wants to do personal branding, for those who focus on their name and surname. Now the question arises: what points do I have to address? Can I talk about non-work-related aspects or do I have to stay true to the professional theme? The answer in the next paragraph 🙂

Personality is important

Can my personality show up in professional posts? At the beginning of your business focus mainly on work-related issues. Create a mind map of the topics, make sure that the main topic is schematized by this tool to reach all the nuances. But immediately start adding a particular grain to these contents: there must be your contribution, your experience, your point of view.

Remember to put flour in your sack. Then, as the months go by, insert fewer technical articles in the editorial calendar but based on reflection, on a thought. The basic idea is this: you must first make yourself known and appreciated, then dedicate yourself to the articles that arise from your reflections.

Do you want to create a personal diary? In this case, I prefer to divide it from work. Maybe in this case you can use Medium, a simple and lean blogging platform that you can use as a notepad. Without forgetting that for secondary work aspects you can take advantage of LinkedIn Pulse.

I want to start a blog and make money

That’s right, I want to start a blog and use it to monetize. Possible? Sure, but you have to use this tool to intercept new customers. There are different methods to make money with the blog and many concern the old advertising logic: you can use your content to sell advertising, to insert banners more or less themed, and sell sponsored items.

This is not always a sustainable model, especially if you don’t have large numbers. Hard to find an advertiser willing to pay for a blog with 500 or 600 visits per month.

But the articles of this project can exploit the informative searches (find a definition in the Seochef video) of the public to intercept searches on Google and attention on social networks. Result? New customers on landing pages, increasing conversions, growing turnover.

Are you ready to start a blog?

A blog can become the starting point for your adventure, an impetus for your personal or corporate activity, but also a dead zone from which it is impossible to win again. The difference lies in your constancy, the ability to analyze and overcome initial difficulties.

It’s not easy, I know. Because there is so much competition, there are elements that stand against and do not allow you to emerge. Your task? Go further and keep writing quality content. Do you agree? Do you need advice and guides? I’ll wait for you in the comments.

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