How you Should to Wash Your Cooling Gel Pillows

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How To Wash Your Cooling Gel Pillows

I have a couple of cooling gel pillows that i exploit in the dark . These gel pillows allow me to sleep better in the dark because the gel layer of the pillow cools down the temperature of my head. i’m not an overheat sleeper, though. I just generally just like the feel of the gel on my head whenever I sleep. Other people i do know who genuinely need cooling pillows may sometimes choose gel pillows for his or her overheating sleep issues, but most would choose differing types of cooling pillows.

Why you would like to wash Any Pillow

You should not just allow your pillow to stay unwashed for as long as you’ll . There are numerous things which will get trapped in your gel cooling pillow or any pillow which will cause you harm.

Have you noticed that you simply are beginning to sneeze more once you are close to sleep at night? this is often a symbol that allergens may have penetrated your pillow. they’re going to do even more harm unless you begin washing your pillows soon.

How To Wash Your Cooling Gel Pillows

A cooling gel pillow are often considered as an investment not only due to the cooling layer but also due to what it’s made from . There are some benefits that you simply can get from them too.

Most of the cooling gel pillows that you simply will see now are made out of memory foam. The memory foam may be a dense material which will even be effective in providing insulation, especially during the wintertime. The main problem is, they will be a challenge to wash . don’t worry because you’ll know more about how you ought to clean your pillow soon.

Some Tips to recollect

 Before you recognize the step-by-step process of cleaning your king cooling pillow , you initially got to confirm that you simply will skills to stay it clean in between washing. Some tips that you simply need to remember are the following:

don’t forget to vacuum the pillow, but confirm that the gel part are going to be on the opposite side of the vacuum. you’ll got to do that once every week . Memory foam can’t be placed inside the washer, so you would like to wash it by hand. you’ll keep it clean for a extended time by placing the proper pillowcase over the cooling gel pillow. Use gentle cleaning agents which will not change the general feel and density of the pillow.

Cleaning Your Pillow

There will be instances once you got to deep clean your cooling gel pillow. you’ll have spilled something thereon . it’s also possible that you simply have mistakenly placed it during a very dusty place.

You want to form sure that it’ll be properly cleaned. you can’t put it in your washer , but you’ll still clean it properly by following the steps which will be listed below.

Step 1: refill Your Sink or Bathtub with Water

 Make sure that the water are going to be lukewarm. you’ll also place a really mild detergent to combine with the water. Some would also prefer to add a drop of their favorite volatile oil . it’ll be up to you if you’d wish to do that or not.

Step 2: Place Your Pillow Under the Water

 You would got to squeeze the pillow from time to time to make sure that water will seep in. Some gel layers can’t be placed on water, though, so confirm only to put the areas which will be cleaned in water.

Step 3: Drain the Soapy Water and Replace with Clean Water

 You would got to let the water wash away the soap from the pillow. you’ll got to squeeze often to make certain that you simply are going to be removing the soap properly from the pillow. The water also will be effective in washing away a number of the remaining dirt which will be left behind on the pillow.

Step 4: Gently Squeeze the Pillow to get rid of Excess Water

 You may be tempted to squeeze the pillow a touch hard to urge obviate the water quickly, but doing this might damage your pillow. confirm to squeeze gently. By doing this, you’ll remove the surplus water without rigorously squeezing the pillow.

Step 5: Place Outdoors

 You need to form the pillow dry naturally. you can’t just place it on your dryer and need for the simplest . The pillow will dry up, and therefore the cooling gel layer are going to be ruined once you do that .

Place the pillow during a safe place and confirm that it’ll be dried naturally by the air and sunlight. it’s going to take a couple of hours before it becomes scorched.

 You must dry your pillows entirely before you employ them. If not, your pillows will have a better chance of getting mold or mildew which will definitely cause harm to your health.

What if it’s raining outdoors? you’ll prefer to place your cooling gel pillow under a ceiling fan to assist the water evaporate faster from the pillow, and it’ll dry. it’s going to just take longer for the pillow to dry properly once you do that .

Replacing Your Cooling Gel Pillows

The time will come when simply cleaning your cooling gel pillows won’t be enough anymore. Like all the opposite items that you simply may have, cooling gel pillows would also got to get replaced .

If you’ve got a typical pillow, you’ll got to change it every six months. If you’ve got a premium pillow, you would like to exchange it every three years to make certain .

Some would take longer counting on the standard and the way you’d look after the pillows. Find some signs regarding once you should replace your pillows here.


Cleaning your cooling gel pillow are often a touch tricky, but hopefully, the items that you simply have learned will assist you understand how it’s alleged to be cleaned.

When you take proper care of your pillows, you’re not only taking care of your head and neck, and you’re also improving the standard of your sleep. Getting enough sleep is extremely important at this point .

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