How You Can Find MMI Codes for Android?

MMI Codes for Android
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On the off chance that you know, at that point the USSD Code likewise equivalent to MMI code yet the USSD Code is firmly identified with Sim Card implies USSD codes are the interface between SIM organization and Human. The full type of USSD is “Unstructured Supplementary Service Data“. The USSD is for GSM innovation which can be getting information from Sim Card. As we tell the MMI Code and USSD Code are a lot comparable, yet both having various undertakings. Like MMI is working for getting Data from gadgets yet USSD getting the information from Sim card like the Internet, wandering, information, balance data. We should take a gander at Complete MMI’s importance and how we can utilize them.

What Does MMI Mean?

The Full Form of MMI Code is “Man-Machine-Interface“. The Full Form of MMI Code recounts the full anecdote about Man-Machine-Interface, Interface among Man and Machine, implies the codes assume a function of the interface between a human and a cell phone. MMI codes are not the mystery but rather specialists utilize these codes for understanding the issue with portable yet now these codes are public and anybody can utilize these codes to know the data. Yet, numerous individuals don’t think about the importance of the MMI Code. As basic, the MMI Codes were a communicator or interpreter among humankind and the gadget.

MMI codes are written in an unexpected way, which implies on the off chance that you need to utilize these codes, at that point you need to embed an interesting number in the middle of (*) and (#). The (*) and (#) have significant characters that have consent to get to interior data. Java has the unique importance of * and #, and the numbers remembered for between are the numbers that characterize explicit codes. These codes are exceptional or like the control board of the Mobile telephone. At the point when I was minimal then I ordinarily utilize this code yet I just realize codes however don’t think about the importance, so I need to enlighten concerning others about this.

For Android clients, at times a message saying “Association issue or invalid MMI code” appears and can be a baffling thing to manage. At the point when the invalid MMI code message appears, it for the most part implies that calls or instant messages can’t be sent until this issue has been fixed. However, there are a few different ways to fix the Android association issue or invalid MMI code.

How You Can Find MMI Codes for Android?

Yes, it is possible to find a lot of MMI codes on the smartphone that you are using. You can know them with the help of third-party applications and also by searching on google.

#Method 1: Use a Third-Party Application

With the help of a third-party application, you can find the MMI codes. Follow the below steps.

  • First of all, you have to open the play store on your android phone.
  • Then, you have to search for MMI codes for android.
  • You will see a list of lots of applications that will let you know the MMI codes for android.
  • You have to choose any of the apps and download the same.
  • Then open the application and you will see a list of MMI codes for your android phone.
  • You should choose any of the code and also check on your phone.

#Method 2: Search on Google

You can also search the MMI codes on Goggle and you will see some results that will tell you about the correct MMI codes.

  • Just visit com and type MMI codes for android in the search bar and then hit enter.
  • You will see a list of results for MMI codes.
  • You can open the top results and see the MMI and pick anyone and use for your android phone.

By using these steps, you can easily find out the list of correct codes on your phone. All these codes are not working for the phone you are using so you have to try them one by one and see which one is working for you.

These methods were very simple to use and you will easily know about the MMI code on your phone.

What Are Some Important Android USSD Codes?

Below you will get to know the important MMI codes that will be used on your android phone.

Android MMI Codes

To Know IMEI Number of Android


GPS System Test


Service For Google Talk


Reset Factory Date


Current Firmware of SmartPhone


Main Service Menu


General Information And Battery Info


Power Button Change


Testing Mode


Signal Status Service Mode


Software Version Info




SW & HW Info


Service Mode


IMEI Number.


Firmware Version.


H/W Version.


All Versions Together.


Product code


RAM version


Phone Model


Phone/pda/csc info


so, this was all about the MMI Codes and the process of how you can get the MMI Codes for android phones.


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